Exodus – French Jews Forced To Flee

For several years now, the number of French Jews has been shrinking.  Increased violence against them  has led to many leaving and moving to Israel. And it doesn’t look as though things are set to improve.

Two violent attacks have taken place in as many days, in fact. On Sunday night, an elderly Jewish man outside a French Synagogue was set upon by three younger men – they sprayed him with tear gas.

And according to the Sunday Telegraph in London, anti semitic slogans were daubed on a nearby wall by the three men.

The attackers, still at-large, launched the attack as the man, described as being in his 80s, was waiting outside to attend daily prayer services. The attack happened in Nimes, in southern France.

And on Friday night, assailants brutally attacked a 42-year-old man in Strasbourg, hitting him across the back of the head with a metal rod and stabbing him in the chest. Authorities later charged a 38-yer-old man for attempted murder.

As many of you will recall, it was a mere three years ago that a French Muslim gang tortured and killed Ilan Halimi, a young French Jew, in a Paris suburb.

Looks like the writing is on the wall – literally in the case of the first attack outside the Synagogue.

sources: Sunday Telegraph

& Israel National News

3 thoughts on “Exodus – French Jews Forced To Flee

  1. Hi Rachel – many thanks for your comments which are really interesting. I agree with your assessment about the situation in France.

    Hi Steven! 🙂

    – I have to say that I do think things are worse in France. That’s not to say they are brilliant in Britain! I have cousins who live in Paris and they tell me that Jews are becoming even too fearful to have Mezuzahs on their doorposts. Also, I don’t think the reduction in numbers of Jews in France is through assimilation, as evidenced by the fact that many are leaving for Israel 🙂 Good to get your comments though!

  2. There is an ethnic cleansing of the Jews in France, being effected through increasingly regular attacks and threats of physical violence that will only escalate to potentially pogrom-like levels as the French government continues to demonstrate that it is either too apathetic & cowardly, too antisemitic, or too ‘enlightened’ by ‘multiculturalism’ (or all three) to protect its Jews from the growing wave of radical Muslims. Europeans should stop acting like the Holocaust was some kind of a magic bullet that started to make them view Jews as legimate members of their society, worhty of the same protections as any other citizen group (can you imagine if French Catholics were being attacked like this by the Muslims? Or, if another French religious community were attacking Muslims in this manner?). Clearly, the well-being of Jewish communities in Europe will always come in second to the feelings of their governments.

    The tragedy of the French Jews is that they have already been ethnically cleansed once—a great percentage of them are originally Algerian Jews, forced to flee Algeria at the close of the War of Independence due to (surprise, surprise) violent cohersion on the part of their Islamic neighbors & government. No sooner have they settled down in a new country and started to make a new home for themselves, than a wave of Muslim migrants FROM Algeria hits France, and starts attacking them all over again. And, make no mistake, it is ethnic cleansing—of a community numbering only a few thousand, 7000 have petitioned the US for amnesty last year. Their government won’t do very basic police work to ensure their safety, and they need to flee the country for sanctuary.

  3. Hi TABATHA!.

    Good to see you again!.

    Sad indeed to know, blind hatred survives across the world!.I was told the other day of an incident in Brisbane Australia, where a teenage girl was set upon by children from her own school, and sprayed with condoms!.

    Though have been hearing of Jews leaving France for several years, this may not be the only reason for the decline in The French Jewish community. How much could be due, as in the UK, to less people who chose to affiliate as Jews?. though in both cases fear may be a factor for some.

    I don t actually think there is necessarily more anti Semitism in France then the UK, the danger is that France has more of a history of violent mobs!.

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