What Is The BBC Hiding?

Have you heard of the Balen Report?

Some years ago, amidst accusations of anti Israel bias, the BBC arranged for a senior journalist, Malcolm Balen, to prepare a report. The aim was to discover whether there truly was an anti Israel slant to the news.

And so the report was duly prepared.

But the BBC then refused to release it.

And they kept on refusing – even when a solicitor took them to court over it. In fact, the BBC spent in the region of £300,000 to fight the publication of this document. 

To this day, there are calls for the Balen Report to be released.

So, how about we intensify those demands….?

If we can show the general public that the BBC cannot be trusted to report fairly on Israel, we will have achieved something really vital.

STEP 1 – read up a bit about the Balen Report:

STEP 2 – start posting and tweeting about it. Spread the word. Get everyone you can to start bombarding the BBC and the media in general with questions about WHY the BBC refuses to release this report.


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