British Muslims Try To Murder Publisher Of Mohammed Novel

A British Muslim – who else? – has been found guilty of trying to murder the publisher  of a book about Mohammed.

Ali Beheshti, along with fellow lunatic Abrar Mirza, has admitted to pouring diesel through the letterbox of a home in Islington, North London. The pair were charged with conspiracy to recklessly damage property and endanger life. Their target? Martin Rynja, publisher of The Jewel Of Medina.

Such is his dedication to terrorism, in fact, that Beheshti has referred to his baby daughter as ‘the youngest member of Al Queda’. At a demonstration against the Danish Cartoons, in 2006, Beheshti brandished banners proclaiming: “Massacre those who insult Islam” and “Europe, your 9/11 will come!”

During the protests in 2006 he called himself Abu Jihad — meaning holy war.

The Jewel Of Medina is a novel about the Prophet Mohammed and the life of his child bride, Aisha. (translation of ‘child bride’ = RAPE VICTIM. Aisha was nine, remember)

Deputy Assistant Commissioner John McDowall, head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: “These men planned to carry out arson as a violent reaction and protest against the publishing of a book.

“They did not care whether anybody would be killed or injured when they poured diesel through the letterbox and set fire to it.

“Photographs, tapes and documents found at their homes showed the violent mindset of this trio of arsonists. This was a professional, proactive investigation which left Ali Beheshti and Abrar Mirza with no choice but to admit their guilt when faced with overwhelming evidence.”

The Jewel Of Medina:

The novel has already been cancelled by its original publisher – dhimmi company Harper Collins. They feared it  could offend Muslims – and promptly caved.

In Serbia the book was withdrawn after protests from local Islamic leaders but was subsequently returned to bookshelves.

Speaking last October, Mr Rynja said that the novel was not offensive and added that he felt its publication was part of a liberal democracy.

I applaud Mr Rynja for his integrity and I urge everyone reading this to BUY this novel!

There are countless books published every damn year that are offensive to people of other faiths. Yet it’s only Muslims who attempt to use violence in order to suppress information and/or fiction that they don’t approve of. And of course it begs the question: what is in this novel that so many Muslims are so reluctant for the rest of us to learn about…?

After all, it’s common knowledge that Mohammed was a raging paedophile. Is there still worse to come…?

Ali Beheshti

Ali Beheshti set out with “fire-making equipment” to the publisher’s home

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