A Special Message For Mel Gibson:

So the long suffering wife of actor Mel Gibson has finally had enough? After some two decades of putting up with his womanising ways, not to mention supporting him as he wrestled with a drink problem, she’s filed for divorce.

On behalf of all Jews, may I just say: I hope she takes him to the cleaners!

Mr Gibson, you may recall, has on several occasions been caught ranting and raving about how ‘jews are the cause of all the world’s problems’.

Let us hope that the soon to be ex Mrs G gets herself a feisty Jewish attorney, and that said attorney will become the cause of all Mel’s problems in the near future. Poetic justice, don’t ya think…?

11 thoughts on “A Special Message For Mel Gibson:

  1. I agree South Park and Kyle the Jew references are often offensive. Still in the case of SP I’ll give them a bit of break they are equally insensitive to everyone. A joke is a joke they are after all comedians and the show is a comedy known for being over the line rude. I don’t watch religiously but thinking of it I can’t think of any time they did a Islam bashing show. I can only guess even they know that doing that will probably get them put on some hate filled Mel Gibson supporting persons hit list.

    One of the many things it seems an awful lot of Muslims don’t share with Jews or Christians is a sense of humor.

    BTW Sammish glad you got the joke. Two of my best friends are Sheldon and Eli. 🙂

  2. You have to relax abit about the normalization of the word Jew. It is well known that people who are enlighten and have a sense of humor use this sporadically without any hind of malice or hatred. It is the same way the word “nigger” is used extensively among many Blacks in America. I mean it is used all the time when refering to one another. One can say that they should not used it, however, it is the meaning that count. When black use it, it does not carry with it the pejorative meaning it was intended to stereotype the Blacks.

    I beleive it all depends on one’s own level of knowledge and cultural capital and sense of self (as opposite to being insecure). That’s is why when a Jewish comedian spoof at its own culture it does not mean that he is denegrading it. Humor gives us a clue that we should not take ourselves seriously. The Arabs have no sense of humor that’s why they cry Islamo-racism every time someone make a joke about Islam or MO.

    South Park series are fair because I believe that nothing is immune from their spoofing. I mean nothing. They took on islam and its deathwish immams with the zeal and ridicule as they do celebreties. I know that it is not the same. However, if one is secure enough with its identity no matter how outrageous the slang, it would not make a difference to the person.

  3. While I agree that South Park is often hilarious, I do have a bit of a problem with the way they have normalised the use of ‘jew’ in a pejorative sense – just as it seemed the world was realising this was simply not OK…

    It’s a shame. That said, as a Brit I find that nine times out of ten, American TV produces fab and affectionate humour involving Jewish characters. We can’t even begin to rival that here in the UK.

  4. jhrhv, Of course I knew you were joking. Names like Sheldon and Eli made me laugh.

    Yes, I have seen the South Park episode on Mel. It was hilarious, it was ven better than Tom Cruise’s spoofing scientology.

  5. Hey Sammish, you know I was joking right? Who knew all those years ago that Mad Max actually was mad as in insane.

    Mel is surely a person that deserves all the unhappiness that a bad divorce and being a racist dick head would bring any person plus more.

    Did you ever see the South Park where they spoofed on Mad Mel? They portrayed him as a barking nutjob ie; they got him just right.

  6. Hey jhrhv,
    you got the whole thing a bit ackward by suggesting for the wife of Mad Max to convert to Judaism… she will not be allowed to because she is also a hard boiled egg catholic…and you forgot the children… do you want miniature Mad Maxs roaming around screaming bloody revenge…. I do not want to be near them specially when they reach old middle age…

    I think Mel should redo the Passion of Christ movie by casting himself as Christ figure who has been had by the Zionist Hollywood elites… I would play the role of Judas is he wants to cast me but this time I would suggest a change in screen play. I am not going to hang myself, I would rather throw a party for the anyone who join the zionist ideology….

  7. I think she should convert to Judaism, marry the Jewish lawyer that she hires to sue him then change her and all their children’s names to nice Jewish names like Sheldon, Eli etc.

  8. So not content with hurling insults at me on YOUR blog, you’ve now decided to try and do the same on MINE?

    Oh, I think not.

    To briefly address your points:

    1 – Mel Gibson has made anti semitic comments on several occasions. The fact that *you* are not aware of this, does not detract from the veracity of my statement.

    2 – As I politely stated on your blog, I was prepared to continue with our ‘discussion’ but not unless you had the decency to apologise for your repeated insults. You declined to do this – so I declined to continue reading any further posts by you. I thus have no idea to what you are referring. I gather you have conducted some kind of poll and you seem under the delusion that just because *some* people agreed with you, THAT makes me an ‘idiot’. But if majority opinion was automatically right, that would mean that those who voted for and then supported Hitler would have been ‘right’. So frankly, I don’t care how many people agreed with your statements – I am entitled to my opinion as expressed on your blog, while we were having our discussion.

    Anyone who views our discussion will clearly see that while I remained courteous throughout, you acted like a five year old having a temper tantrum. And your persistent and nasty remarks about American Jews remain just that: nasty. That doesn’t change just because *some* people might agree with you on ONE point made in your comments.

    You are welcome, of course, to post comments on my blog. But if you think for a second you’re going to insult me further and I’m going to post said insults, then think again.

  9. “Mr Gibson, you may recall, has on several occasions been caught ranting and raving about how ‘jews are the cause of all the world’s problems’.”

    Several? You tendency to exaggerate could only be compared to you tendency to ignore the facts. For the record, I think that Mel Gibson is an anti-Semitic pig, but “several”?

    Anyway, regarding my statement about Jews legitimizing Islamofascism.

    This poll clearly indicated that tendency: people, either Jews or gentiles agree with my characterization. I hope you have the balls to admit that you were wrong.


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