Crime And Punishment, British Style

What a happy time it must be for the criminal fraternity in Britain.  These days, all they have to do is mutter an apology, affect an expression of slight remorse, and off they saunter. No prison time, no punishment. No, they’re free to carry on causing havoc, with the blessing of our ‘criminal justice’ system.

Here’s a case in point. A drunken thug, who attacked a policewoman, has just walked free. WPC Gemma Maggs was punched in the face, and shoved to the ground. She suffered a five inch face wound and was unable to work for a month.

Her attacker, one Ryan Thomas, has a previous conviction for assaulting a woman. During his assault on WPC Maggs, he was screaming racist abuse and had also just imbibed nine pints of lager. Oh – and the entire attack was caught on CCTV!

Yet Ryan Thomas has walked away with a suspended prison sentence, a community service disorder (a mere 80 hours of unpaid work) and a fine.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

Criminals have never had it so good.