Australian Woman Raped – Then Imprisoned In United Arab Emirates

It’s horrific enough for any woman to suffer rape – but if it happens in the UAE, she can apparently expect to be slung into jail as well.

An Australian woman is speaking out over her ordeal; identified as ‘Amanda’, the Brisbane woman was jailed for eight months after reporting three men for raping her after spiking her drink in a hotel bar.

‘Amanda’ said she ordered one drink from the bar in the United Arab Emirates hotel she was staying, but then remembered nothing until waking up the next afternoon.

Interviewed on ABC radio this morning, she explained how she was arrested after reporting her rape to police and later sentenced to 11 months’ jail for having ‘illicit sexual relations’, and one month for consumption of alcohol.

“I don’t remember anything except for having that drink … in one way that’s a good thing but from what happened following, it’s still an extremely traumatising,” she said.

She was released five months ago after securing a royal pardon after serving eight months, and is now home in Australia. She said the jails were overcrowded, inmates were often beaten and the water was frequently turned off.

She said four high-ranking muslim men had to witness penetration to prove a rape charge, so women who reported rapes were typically seen as confessing to illicit sexual relations or prostitution.

Amnesty International’s Michael Hayworth said he sent a letter to United Arab Emirates officials, asking them to comply with United Nation’s Women’s Rights Conventions and remove discriminatory laws.

As most people are aware by now, Sharia Law states that for a case of rape to be proven, there have to be several male witnesses. Of course, the very nature of rape means that this is unlikely – unless it’s a gang rape, whereby the perpetrators are hardly going to later acknowledge their own crime!