The Truth About Hamas

There’s a fascinating, albeit scary, piece in today’s Mail On Sunday about the increasing use of robotics in warfare. And buried amidst all the descriptions of the new technologies that America, in particular, is spending billions on, is this little gem:

Noel Sharkey, a professor of robotics and artificial intelligence at Sheffield University, informs us: ‘We already know that in the Middle East, Hamas is using remote-controlled planes.’

I’m blogging about this for the simple reason that I’m fed up with being told by American Liberals and British Lefties that Hamas is some cash-strapped, disorganised, amateurish band of ‘resistance fighters’. Utter drivel. Hamas is a well funded, highly organised, terrorist organisation.  And this fact is illustrated by their having this cutting edge technology which was probably bought for them by their puppet master, Iran. There’s certainly no shortage of benefactors where Hamas is involved. Of that you can be sure.

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