Since When Do ‘innocent aid workers’ STAB people?

Let’s be crystal clear on this: what happened was not a conflict between ‘innocent aid workers’ and Israeli soldiers. It was between armed, violent, gagging-to-fight Hamas supporters and the Israeli army.

Here, posted by the always vigilant Elder Of Ziyon, is footage of one of these ‘aid workers’ STABBING an Israeli:

‘They Were Just Going To Dance!’ OR Thumbs Down To The Bloomsbury Bigots

We’re back in Dhimmiland UK – where Bloomsbury Theatre has just cancelled the Israeli Yom Ha’atzmaut gala scheduled to take place there.

Yom Ha’atzmaut, for those unfamilar with the term, is the Israeli Independence Day. Yep – in May, it will be Israel’s 61st birthday! And the Zionist Federation (ZF) had organised a fun filled gala for both Jews and non Jews alike.

So why have the Bloomsbury Bigots reneged at such short notice…?

Answer: because as part of the gala, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) dance troupe was set to perform. That’s right. The 18 yr old kids who make up the IDF, or ‘evil zionist killers’, as the BBC and Guardian newspaper routinely portray them, enjoy dancing in their spare time.

But the Bloomsbury Theatre received ‘some protests’, it seems.¬† As a result, and at the 11th hour, they informed the ZF that they were cancelling the entire gala.

And when the ZF tried to compromise by even offering to drop the dance troupe, well, the Bloomsbury Bigots didn’t want to know. The answer was still A Firm No.

So this is where we are in Dhimmiland UK. It’s fine for terrorist group Hamas to be received as honoured guests at the House Of Commons – but a group of 18 and 19 year old Israelis, who happen to also serve two years in the army – are banned from a theatre, along with all the other Israelis who were due to perform.

‘The ZF has bent over backwards to accommodate the concerns raised. If they are now saying they won’t hold the event, this is an outrageous decision and they should be ashamed of themselves,’ said Lee Scott, Ilford North MP.The Independence Day celebrations are peaceful, the dance troupe has always been part of the show and I can’t see there’s any ay that a dance group can be interpreted as anything but peaceful. They were just going to dance!’

Happily, it’ll take more than the pitiful Bloomsbury Bigots to rain on this parade. An alternative venue in North London has been found. And ZF chairman Andrew Balcombe¬† says:

‘Because of the recent publicity, we have been indundated with calls of support and ticket requests. The audience from the Jewish, and general, communities will be coming together to celebrate Israel’s 61st birthday and see the rich cultural diversity that is Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East.’

If any fellow Brits are reading this, please do feel free to email or write to the Bloomsbury Theatre to express your concern over this shameful episode.