‘Islamophobia’? No Such Thing

‘Islamophobia’ – Well, isn’t this word a wonderful little weapon for Islamists the world over?

Whoever thought of it must be laughing all the way to the Mosque. Because the second anyone challenges the violent ideology at the heart of Islam, and faster than you can say ‘fatwah’ –  out comes the charge: ‘You’re the one with the problem. You’re Islamophobic‘.

It shuts down all debate and leaves many an innocent person feeling like a racist – even when they’re not.

So let’s just deconstruct the word ‘Islamophobia’ shall we?

Phobia = an extreme, irrational fear that interferes with everyday life. It is a psychological, clinical term, and this is the correct definition.

We all know what a phobia looks like; most of us have seen grown adults collapse into quivering wrecks at the mere sight of a spider/wasp/snake. Above all, a phobia sufferer  will go to great lengths to *avoid* the object of fear.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not aware of a single soul who is huddled at home, frozen with fear, refusing to leave their house because of the existence of Islam…

Nor have I seen a single person jerking to a halt in the middle of a street, shrieking in terror ‘There’s a Muslim! There’s a Muslim! Save me! Save me! Aaaaghhhh!’ before sprinting across the road and into oncoming traffic, just to avoid said member of Islam.

Indeed, often the very people accused of ‘Islamophobia’ are those who are extremely interested in it! They  talk about it, read about it, blog about it, and study it – in a bid to better understand it.

Hardly ‘phobic’, is it…?

So let’s  be blunt. The term ‘Islamophobia’ meaningless. It’s foolish. It’s nothing more than a linguistic sham.

Nobody has an ‘irrational fear’ of Islam.

What many of us do have is a rational fear of what Muslim terrorists do in the name of Islam. And of the hatred that Islam promotes. Who can blame us?

If people with red hair continually sauntered onto buses and trains,  into restaurants and schools the world over, with bombs strapped around their waists, before cheerfully blowing both themselves and any living soul around them into tiny bits, then I submit that many of us would develop a rational fear of red heads!

But ‘islamophobia’?

Oh, purleeeease.

It’s just a device used by some Muslims, and many members of the PC-at-all-costs, liberal brigade, to shut down vital debate.

And if we let them get away with it? Then shame on US.

And while we’re on the topic, let’s just clarify what does and does not constitute ‘racism’:

I could, if I wanted, criticise and challenge and yes, condemn Islam  – and it would not be ‘racism’. Islam is a faith and an ideology. And no ideology is exempt from scrutiny. Nor does anyone have the right to stop me from assessing an ideology  –  not as long as I live in a democratic country.

But, if I then began making unfair, negative, nasty generalisations about ‘all muslims’ then this would be Racism.

See the difference?

Critiquing and challenging and condemning an ideology = not ‘racism’!

Condemning any group of people purely on the basis OF their religion = Racism

So just as I am free to condemn the beliefs of, say, the vile British National Party, or Scientologists, or the KKK, without anyone branding me a ‘racist’, so too am I free to condemn Islam

Words do have objective meanings. It’s time we remembered that, and worked to wipe out this lunacy which even now, is pushing for Islam to be legally ‘protected’ from criticism.

So next time anyone tries to insist you are an ‘islamophobe’, shut them  down. And fast.