British Airline Deletes Israel From Map – To Please Muslims


One can only despair upon hearing news like this.  It’s now come to light that British airline BMI  removed Israel from an electronic map that appears on its flights.

Why? Yep, you guessed it: to avoid angering Muslim passengers.

BMI’s London-Tel Aviv flights, Israel and most of its cities are not marked. Only Haifa was identified – by its Arab name, Khefa.

BMI has now apologised for this, and ‘explained’ that the map was acquired from an airline that flew to several Arab states.

BMI now says it will provide revised maps for its twice daily flights to Israel.

BMI also said it was making every effort not to hurt passengers’ feelings by adopting a nonpolitical position.

Oh, well, that’s all right then…

BMI operates flights from England to several Muslim destinations, including Syria, Lebanon and Iran, but has also recently launched an agreement with the Tourism Ministry to add Israel to its roster.

You may recall that this is the same airline that recently fired a female crew member – for refusing to wear traditional Islamic garb and walk behind male colleagues while briefly in Saudi Arabia.

If Muslims started complaining that it upset them to have Jewish passengers on the same flights, would BMI ban Jews – in order to remain ‘non political’ and avoid angering their beloved Muslim customers…?

Original news story: Ha’aaretz CLICK HERE