Jerusalem Is Jewish – It’s Non Negotiable


As many Arabs and Muslims try to obscure the link between Jerusalem and the Jews, the EU seems only too happy to support their revision of history.


And crucially, nobody ever seems to refer to Jordan’s illegal occupation of the city.



So just to remind people, and via David Hornik at Front Page Magazine:


Jerusalem was unified under Israeli sovereignty in 1967, after nineteen years in which Jordan illegally occupied the city and finally used it to attack Israel despite being implored by Israel to keep out of the fighting.

Under Israeli rule, Muslims and all other groups (except Jews—on the Temple Mount itself) have enjoyed full freedom of worship—a stark contrast to the nineteen years of Jordanian rule when Jews and Christians were denied access to Jerusalem’s holy places and Jewish synagogues and gravestones were destroyed and desecrated.

Muslims already have full control over Mecca, Medina, and countless sacred locales and shrines throughout the vast Muslim world, and their demand for Palestinian sovereignty in Jerusalem and the redivision of Israel’s capital can reasonably be regarded as excessive – especially when, as noted, Israel gives Muslims full access to their Jerusalem shrines and full rights in the city.

Indeed, Jerusalem is full of minarets, and any visitor to its Old City or its Arab neighborhoods can attest to the vibrancy of Muslim religious life there. The EU should be more concerned with Islamization on the continent than with taking harsh stances against Israel as it struggles to survive and to find the right mix of accommodation and steadfastness in an Arab/Muslim environment hostile its very existence.

But for the EU, after decades of forsaking its Judeo-Christian roots for pro-Arabism, that may be too much to expect. Even if European populations are starting to grasp the consequences of this civilizational self-abnegation, Europe’s Brussels-based bureaucracy remains willfully ignorant of the stakes.

Gordon’s Gotta Go – And Other Stories from Dhimmiland UK

Today brings us news that will come as no surprise. Typically, the British Government – and I use ‘government’ in the loosest sense possible – has failed to prepare for the threat of ‘swine flu’.

Late into the night, apparently, ministers were frantically phoning suppliers across the world in a desperate bid to get hold of protective face masks. Even the ever efficient Germans have expressed concern about being asked to fulfill ‘such a large order’ at this late date.

And this, remember, is a day after Health Secretary Alan Johnson confessed that there were not even enough face masks for medical staff.

Meanwhile experts are warning that as many as four in ten people could catch the bug if a pandemic hits.

If G-d forbid that happens, why do I have a hunch that somehow, there’ll be just enough masks for the very ministers who failed to prepare for this problem…?

Also here in Dhimmiland, looks like thousands more asylum seekers will be able to live, work and claim benefits. New plans being drawn up mean that Britain will have to accept one in eight of all migrants who demand refugee status.

Or, to put it another way: another 22,500 could be happily heading for Dhimmiland. And just who will be paying for their food, accommodation, and clothing? Plus their legal fees while they apply for international protection? Answer: we will. Us. The good old British taxpayers.

And just to make life even easier for new arrivals: they must be given ‘the right to work’ within six months, so if no job is available, they get to claimfor thousands of pounds in benefits.

These daft new proposals are being championed by the Chief Dhimmis otherwise known as Labour MEPs. The plans are part of the EU’s Common European Asylum System.

UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage says: ‘Brussels will soon be dictating who has the right to live and work in Britain.’

Labour. Couldn’t manage immigration if their lives depended on it.

And finally: longing to get rid of Gordon Brown? Log on to the Downing Street website. There’s a petition there calling for Gordon Brown to resign! So far more than 24,000 people have signed it – making it the fifth most popular e-petition ever sent to No.10.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to that site and sign it!

Gordon’s Gotta Go!!!