The Cost Of Criminals’ Human Rights

Fed up with reading about the ‘human rights’ of criminals who have denied their victims’ basic rights?

Well, here’s a news story guaranteed to make you see red.  Here in the UK, the Parole Board has announced that human rights compensation claims by murderers, paedophiles and other serious criminals demanding their freedom has now reached ‘new heights’.


Specifically, this litigation is costing £100,000 – a month. The Parole Board’s annual report states:  ‘This is extremely expensive for the public purse.’

And this news comes despite promises by politicians to deal with the compensation culture within British prisons.


I suspect that many decent Brits who saw this story in their newspapers will have shared the same sentiment. Namely, that if you violate someone else’s rights to safety and life, then you can damn well do your stint in prison and quit complaining.  We’re not interested.