Islamic Terrorists Target Moroccan Jews

Moroccan Muslims are a tad excited.  Having seen their co religionists in Yemen finally force out the tiny Jewish community there, they seek to accomplish the same thing in Morocco:

From Agence France-Presse, May 21:

RABAT (AFP) — A group of  Islamists recently arrested in Morocco planned to attack Jewish interests in the country, a court source said Thursday, citing the charges against them.

The suspects, alleged to be members of a cell that was part of the radical Islamist movement Salafia Jihadia, were also preparing attacks against Moroccan security services, the source said.

The cell — Jamaat Al Mourabitine Al Jodod, or New Fighters Group — allegedly began operating in March 2008 in southern Morocco and sought to recruit militants from Koranic schools with the intention of infiltrating political parties.

Authorities announced their arrest on May 12 and they face charges including forming a criminal gang with the aim of carrying out “terrorist” acts. They are being held in jail.

“Police dismantled the cell as part of a regular operation in the battle against terrorism,” the court source said.

Jews have been living in Morocco since the time of Antiquity. Prior to WWII, the Jewish population of Morocco reached 225,000.

But life in Morocco was not without its problems. In 1943 a series of  pogroms occurred. And in June 1948,  forty-four Jews were murdered during riots in Oujda and Djerada.  Also in that year,  an unofficial economic boycott was instigated against Moroccan Jews.

In 1965, Moroccan writer Said Ghallab had this to say about the feelings of his fellow Muslims towards Jews:

The worst insult that a Moroccan could possibly offer was to treat someone as a Jew.

My childhood friends have remained anti-Jewish. They hide their virulent anti-Semitism by contending that the State of Israel was the creature of Western ‘imperialism’

A whole Hitlerite myth is being cultivated among the populace. The massacres of the Jews by Hitler are exalted ecstatically. It is even credited that Hitler is not dead, but alive and well, and his arrival is awaited to deliver the Arabs from Israel.

And this is hardly surprising. For the Quran is replete with anti semitism. Mohammed may have started off by wooing Jews in a bid to convert them to his new faith, but the second they declined, his ‘love’ turned to hate and Islamic anti semitism was born.

Author Andrew Bostom (The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism) presents  an enormous amount of documentary evidence testifying to the humiliations Jews experienced at the hands of Muslims.

Bostom also points out  that the extremist, Jihadist description of Jews as “apes and pigs,” in accord with the Qur’an, has historical precedent.

Indeed, Muhammad himself used it before ordering that every adult male of the Banu Qurayza, a Jewish tribe, be killed, calling the Jews “you brothers of monkeys.”

And Zaynu’d-Din Ali b Said, praised the anti-Jewish riots and massacres in Baghdad in 1291 (which spread widely in the region), saying, “These apish Jews are done away and destroyed.”

Bostom also references another slaughter:

Referring to the Jews as “brothers of apes,” who repeatedly blasphemed the prophet Muhammad, and whose overall conduct reflected their hatred of Muslims, the Moroccan cleric al-Maghili (d. 1505) fomented, and then personally led, a Muslim pogrom (in ~1490) against the Jews of the southern Moroccan oasis of Touat, plundering and killing Jews en masse, and destroying their synagogue in neighboring Tamantit. Al-Maghili’s virulent Islamic antisemitism was perhaps captured best in a line from a verse diatribe he composed: “Love of the Prophet requires hatred of the Jews.”

“Love of the Prophet requires hatred of the Jews.”

As Islamic Persecution Forces Yemenite Jews To Flee, The Worldwide Media Couldn’t Care Less – But Still Has Space To Bash Israel

Looks like one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world is set to become a thing of the past.

Rescue operations have started to bring Yemenite Jews to Israel, the UK, and America. Why are they leaving Yemen?

Quelle surprise: to escape Islamic persecution.

So Islamic aggression is finally proving too much for this small, intriguing Jewish community.
Historians believe that King Solomon’s trading and naval networks brought Jews to Yemen from Judea around 900 BCE. The first evidence of Jewish presence in Yemen can be traced to the 3rd century CE.

Today most of Yemen’s 400 Jews live in Raydah, which is a bout 50 miles north of the capital, Sana’a. They are of all ages, from children to pensioners, and include professional and skilled trade workers. Their languages include Hebrew and Arabic and some have already started learning English.

The costs involved are going to be met by private Charedi Jews who have made fundraising pledges and also set up housing support.

‘It’s a life saving effort,’ said Chanoch Kesselman, executive co-ordinator of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations.

Threats to Yemeni Jews have increased significantly in recent months. Last December, yeshivah teacher Moshe Yaish Nahari was shot dead by extremists.

And Jewish homes have also been targeted by local tribesmen who have hurled grenades.

Mr Kesselman has also stated: ‘The situation in Yemen is pretty dire. Their lives are in danger. A lot of Jewish girls are being abducted and forced to marry local tribesmen.’

Of course, you won’t see much, if anything, about this in the international media. After all, who gives a damn if a few hundred Yemenite Jews are living in fear and being attacked every time they dare to leave their homes? The mentality at work here is that as the world does not expect anything better from any Islamic or Arab country, what’s the point in reporting on it?

Whereas of course, the world holds Israel to a moral standard that no
nation on earth can meet. But let’s just translate this. When the world shrieks that Israel must be more ‘moral’ in regards to Gaza, for example, what it’s really demanding is that Israel be more masochistic

For the only thing that the Jewish state could do that would please all Palestinians and many Islamic and Arab leaders, would be to commit voluntary suicide.

As it is, Israel has behaved more calmly than any other nation on earth would. What other country would endure eight years of suicide bombings and rocket attacks, courtesy of an Islamic terrorist group that openly vows to destroy said country?

It’s a double standard like no other. And the worldwide media silence on the fate of the Yemenite Jews is yet one more example of this rank hypocrisy.

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The world media is equally disinterested in the fate of Gilad Shalit, the young Israeli soldier who was snatched by Hamas terrorists. The Hamas weasels crawled through one of the tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel, and dragged the already injured Shalit back into Gaza with them.

Hamas has refused to say whether Gilad is alive or dead. They also refuse to let the Red Cross or any other humanitarian group visit him – assuming he’s still alive.

Meanwhile, Palestinian prisoners who have been judged guilty at proper trials, and are now in Israeli prisons, do receive visits from humanitarian groups. I mean, can you imagine the outcry if Israel didn’t allow this?!

But hang on. Hamas is now the elected government of Gaza – surely the group is thus bound by the same rules and standards that apply to say… Israel?

Apparently not. And apparently the rest of the world has no intention of holding the Gaza government to the rule of law.

Let’s try and keep Gilad Shalit in the spotlight.