USA Goes After British Hacker Who Just Wanted Proof Of Little Green Men

The latest example of British lunacy is the decision to extradite to America Gary McKinnon. Gary, for those who have missed all the media coverage, is both autistic and also an internet hacker. After he happily hacked his way into Pentagon and NASA computers,  America demanded his extradition. And the reason for his cyberspace mischief…?

Gary was looking for proof of  aliens. Yep, that’s right. His primary interest is ‘little green men’. Now, personally, I think the Pentagon should be offering Gary a job – clearly, their security is woefully lacking, as proven by this British alien enthusiast.

America has other ideas, though. Now Gary faces a sixty year sentence and the prospect of dying in a US jail cell. U.S prosecutor Mark Summers insists that Gary’s actions were ‘intentional and calculated to influence and affect the U.S. government by intimidation and coercion’.

Here in the UK, though, numerous politicians, celebs and mental health experts are calling on the government to intervene, insisting that for a person with Asbergers, extradition and prison could be fatal.

And why can’t Gary be tried in the UK? After all, it’s here where his crimes were actually committed. He could be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison, under the Computer Misuse Act.

Instead, legislation that was intended to deal with terrorists, is being applied to this 43 yr old autistic bloke who no doubt wishes one of his beloved UFOs would indeed swoop down and rescue him from the long arm of American ‘justice’.

Lord Carlile, a former Liberal Democrat M.P., is the government’s Independent Reviewer Of Terrorism Legislation.  He has repeatedly lobbied the  Home Office to rethink Gary’s case. In a letter to the Home Secretary, he says:

…I believe we have a duty to protect the vulnerable and even the eccentric. Mr Mckinnon has had the shadow of extradition hanging over him for five years already, during which time he could have been tried, sentenced and perhaps served any prison time, were he to have been prosecuted in the UK.’

Meanwhile, let’s peruse the list of people that Britain apparently either can’t extradite, or is having trouble doing so, shall we…?

There’s radical Islamic cleric Abu Qatada, for a start. Described as Bin Laden’s ‘ambassador in Europe’. Qatada has been in prison here since 2005 while battling extradition to Jordan on terrorism charges.

Then there’s Rachid Ramda, an Islamic terrorist who spent an entire decade resisting extradition to France, where he was wanted for a series of bombings on the Paris metro in 1995. He was finally extradited in 2007.

Oh, and let’s not forget the case of four wanted for mass murder in Rwanda. They were successful in avoiding extradition and are now in Britain, totally free.

Finally, there’s convicted killer Selami Cokaj, an Albanian who who broke out of jail in his home country and in 1997, was discovered living in Nottinghamshire, running a car washing business.

Twice, British police arrested him. Yet he w

as freed on bail by British magistrates. Finally, Cokaj successfully avoided extradition to Albania – by lodging an eleventh hour asylum claim…

But Crown Prosecution Service lawyers – funded by the good old  British public – have been advised they have no choice but to work towards Gary’s extradition.

Quite apart from anything else, this case illustrates the strange nature of Britain’s extradition treaty with the U.S.   British citizens can be apprehended on little or no evidence – yet the criteria for extraditing Americans are far stricter.

To be clear: I’m not seeking to condone Gary McKinnon’s online exploits. I just think public funds could be put to far better use than turning over to the U.S. this vulnerable man whose dearest dream in life was to find proof of alien life.


It seems that Gary McKinnon’s motives in hacking into the Pentagon and NASA may have been somewhat darker than I, for one, initially realised. Fellow blogger Sultan Knish has pointed out the following:

16. Analysis of the appellant’s home computer confirmed these allegations. During his interviews under caution, moreover, he admitted responsibility (although not that he had actually caused damage). He stated that his targets were high level US Army, Navy and Air Force computers and that his ultimate goal was to gain access to the US military classified information network. He admitted leaving a note on one army computer reading:

“US foreign policy is akin to government-sponsored terrorism these days . . . It was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand down on September 11 last year . . . I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels . . .”

McKinnon’s mother apparently refers to his being a ‘9/11 Truther’:

To quote a programme that some of us used to rather enjoy: the truth is out there…!

YouTube Tries To Get Rid Of IDF Message:

An IDF (Israeli Defence Force) message, in Arabic, is currently on YouTube. This represents a desperate attempt by Israel to convey, to the Arab speaking world, the facts about Operation Cast Lead.

But apparently, YouTube is trying to get rid of this video clip, citing ‘lack of interest’…!

Please, help the IDF to keep this important message on YouTube. Watch it, comment on it, recommend it to others.

To view it, just click

It’s Like Google, But Kosher

And the award for the cutest story of the week goes to the creation of Koogle – a kosher version of Google!

This search engine has been developed in Israel, for use by Orthodox Jews.

‘Koogle’ is a combination of ‘kugel”, which is a Jewish pudding, and of course Google, the search engine. The brain behind Koogle is Yossi Altman. Koogle filters out  religiously objectionable material, and has gained approval from Orthodox rabbis.

This is a kosher alternative for ultra-Orthodox Jews so that they may surf the Internet,  Yossi Altman told Reuters, Jerusalem.

The site was developed in part at the encouragement of rabbis who sought a solution to the needs of ultra-Orthodox Jews to browse the Web particularly for vital services,he added.

On the Jewish Shabbat – Friday sundown until Saturday sundown – Jews are not supposed to engage in any form of work of business activity. So if anyone tries to use Koogle during the Shabbat, it crashes automatically!

Koogle. You gotta love it!

Kugel is also pretty fab…

Gordon’s Gotta Go – And Other Stories from Dhimmiland UK

Today brings us news that will come as no surprise. Typically, the British Government – and I use ‘government’ in the loosest sense possible – has failed to prepare for the threat of ‘swine flu’.

Late into the night, apparently, ministers were frantically phoning suppliers across the world in a desperate bid to get hold of protective face masks. Even the ever efficient Germans have expressed concern about being asked to fulfill ‘such a large order’ at this late date.

And this, remember, is a day after Health Secretary Alan Johnson confessed that there were not even enough face masks for medical staff.

Meanwhile experts are warning that as many as four in ten people could catch the bug if a pandemic hits.

If G-d forbid that happens, why do I have a hunch that somehow, there’ll be just enough masks for the very ministers who failed to prepare for this problem…?

Also here in Dhimmiland, looks like thousands more asylum seekers will be able to live, work and claim benefits. New plans being drawn up mean that Britain will have to accept one in eight of all migrants who demand refugee status.

Or, to put it another way: another 22,500 could be happily heading for Dhimmiland. And just who will be paying for their food, accommodation, and clothing? Plus their legal fees while they apply for international protection? Answer: we will. Us. The good old British taxpayers.

And just to make life even easier for new arrivals: they must be given ‘the right to work’ within six months, so if no job is available, they get to claimfor thousands of pounds in benefits.

These daft new proposals are being championed by the Chief Dhimmis otherwise known as Labour MEPs. The plans are part of the EU’s Common European Asylum System.

UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage says: ‘Brussels will soon be dictating who has the right to live and work in Britain.’

Labour. Couldn’t manage immigration if their lives depended on it.

And finally: longing to get rid of Gordon Brown? Log on to the Downing Street website. There’s a petition there calling for Gordon Brown to resign! So far more than 24,000 people have signed it – making it the fifth most popular e-petition ever sent to No.10.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to that site and sign it!

Gordon’s Gotta Go!!!

Racism On WordPress

Let’s face it: there’s a whole lot of racism out here in cyberspace. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but open to awful abuse.

Some years ago, a group calling themselves the JIDF (Jewish Internet Defence Force) decided to try and do something about it. Ever since, they’ve been working  hard to combat some of the more extreme anti Jewish sentiments being expressed online.

On Facebook, for instance, there are numerous groups which openly advocate Jihad, which praise Hitler, and which try to whip up hatred against not just Jews but also members of other religions.

The JIDF has risen to the challenge – and now they’re asking if WE are willing to do our bit! Specifically, they are asking us to:

Write to: – and explain how all of the following blogs are part of Frank Weltner’s anti semitic network.

Complain about inciting  hatred against Jews. (WordPress should be receptive to removing these since they have banned Frank twice now):

I’m just about to send my email – please add your voice by doing the same 🙂