“messianic muslims”

It seems that some Christian Missionaries are now applying the same tactics to Muslims, as they do to Jews.

For years, certain Christian groups have fraudulently posed as “messianic jews”. It’s a cause of much distress to genuine Jews, understandably.  Ignoring what Judaism itself says, these Messianic groups go round insisting that a Jew who becomes a Christian, is a ‘messianic jew’.

Obviously, it’s nonsense.

Now it seems that some Christian Evangelicals are trying the same trick with Muslims.

For example:

Radical Missionary Approach Produces ‘Messianic Muslims’

“Thus, for instance, Churches might be called “messianic mosques” – and may be designed to look like Muslim places of worship, with worshippers being required to remove their footwear before entering.

“Worship services might be designed on the lines of Sufi zikr and sama sessions, with regular Christian Sufi orders in place. Certain Muslim festivals may be celebrated by Christians after being ****suitably adapted.***

“By thus presenting themselves as little different from Muslims in external appearance, Christian missionaries will find it easier to win Muslim friends, and, hopefully, converts.”

SOURCE: http://www.hvk.org/articles/0204/104.html

And also:

“Become like the Muslims to reach the Muslims. Be all things to all men, George suggests to potential Christian missionaries.  Hence, George suggests, in their encounters with Muslims, Christian missionaries must insist that they alone are the true Muslims.

This, he says, promises to have an impact on potential converts. In order to further convince Muslims of their claims to true ‘Islamicity‘, Christian missionaries could formulate their own version of the Muslim Shahada.

“Christian missionaries, too, might adopt taqiya, concealing their faith when occasion demands, focussing more on what unites them with the Muslims rather than on what divides them, while at the same time trying to spread Christianity among the Muslims through subtle means. “




A May/June 2000 issue of Watchman’s Trumpet magazine explains what this new evangelising  really entails:

“Several international missions organizations, including Youth With a Mission (YWAM), are testing a new approach to missionary work in areas where Christianity is unwelcome.

A March 24, 2000, Charisma News Service report said some missionaries are now making converts but are allowing them to “hold on to many of their traditional religious beliefs and practices” so as to refrain from offending others within their culture.”

The Charisma article in which Watchman’s Trumpet reports elaborates: “Messianic Muslims” who continue to read the Koran, visit the mosque and say their daily prayers but accept Christ as their Savior, are the products of the strategy, which is being tried in several countries, according to Youth With a Mission (YWAM), one of the organizations involved.

The so-called “C5 missionaries” whom Phil had met advocate that it is okay to affirm Muhammad as a genuine prophet of God; that Muslim background believers should attend the mosque perpetually; and that Christians should consider legally converting to Islam to win Muslims as Muslims.

More here: http://www.strategicnetwork.org/index.php?loc=kb&view=v&id=8769

It will be interesting to watch the Muslim response to this blatant and shameful deceit on the part of some Missionaries.

Meanwhile, if any of you want to counter the lies told by “messianic jews”, feel free to copy and paste this information about “messianic muslims”.

It illustrates that *some* Evangelicals will stop at nothing in their bid to collect souls for Jesus.

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