Want An Example Of Media Bias…?

.(hat tip  Elder Of Ziyon)



When Reuters decided it needed a picture of Palestinian children behind prison bars, what did it do? It used this photograph:


And the caption reads: Palestinian children stand at a gate to the Rafah border crossing in the southern Gaza Strip during a protest against the Israeli blockade July 13, 2009.


So what’s the problem with it…?


The superb Elder Of Ziyon blog explains:


But which bars to choose? Well, obviously, the most photogenic ones. I know – the Egyptians have some nice blue ones! Let’s go there, to the big gate that stops us from going to Egypt and stops Egyptian goods from being imported to Gaza – and tell the world that we are protesting the Israeli blockade!


This is not an isolated example. Rather, it is typical of the inaccuracy and yes, downright deception which characterises reporting on Israel.  If pressed, no doubt Reuters will feign surprise and claim ignorance over the fact that their report blames Israel for something Egypt is doing. Who do they think they are kidding?


This is not just bad journalism.

This is immoral.





3 thoughts on “Want An Example Of Media Bias…?

  1. talk about a double standard.

    Yes, Tabatha, I think that’s the real problem. Every human being has a right to be secure. So why if Israel builds a security fence is racist, imperialistic and absolutely regrettable but if it’s Saudi Arabia no one says nothing?
    Well, I bet that oil has something to do with it (you know, climate change for some things but not for others…). And yes, anti-Semitism is the other factor here…

  2. That’s very interesting indeed T&P, thanks so much!

    For others reading, here from the link that T&P kindly provided:

    “The construction of a high-tech security system covering both sea and land borders of Saudi Arabia was announced on Tuesday in Riyadh.

    It has been about two decades since Saudi Arabia started considering a security system around its borders. The first appearance of the project was after the first Gulf war in 1991. The security system aimed to allow the early discovery of any attack on the northern border of Saudi Arabia by the Iraqi regime which had invaded Kuwait.

    Saudi Arabia is particularly concerned about its 1,300 kilometer border with Yemen, especially in the mountainous areas. Hundreds of illegal immigrants from the Horn of Africa and Yemen enter Saudi every day via this porous border area. Besides smuggling narcotics and weapons across the Yemeni-Saudi border, Al-Qaeda militants are taking advantage of the area to infiltrate Saudi Arabia. This has become the main concern to the Saudi government, especially after the announcement of Al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula in January.

    Along its borders with Yemen, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Oman, the Saudi government will set up a security fence to support its border guard in protecting the country from attack and preventing illegal immigration as well as the smuggling of narcotics and weapons.

    International companies have been competing for several years to win the contract of setting up the surveillance system until it was finally won by the Defense and Security division of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS). Al-Rasheed Trading and Contracting, a Saudi company, will help EADS with the construction. The project will be carried out over the next 5 years.”

    Wow – talk about a double standard. When Israel built a security wall which brought terrorism down by 90% she was widely condemned. Yet when Saudi plans to do it, the international community is falling over itself to get the contract!

  3. The most interesting fact is that Saudi Arabia is going to build a huge barrier to separate it from Yemen and Iraq.
    Have you seen any protest about this?
    I haven’t…

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