The Terrible Case Of Ilan Halimi: Update

.Some of you will recall my earlier posts on the terrible murder of French Jew Ilan Halimi.  Back in 2006, he was lured to an empty basement in Paris and then tortured for several weeks. His killers were members of a Muslim mob who have recently stood trial in France.

The latest news on this tragic case is that fourteen of the twenty-five gang members will be retried. This is because of  protests about their having received absurdly lenient sentences.  The French Justice Minister Michele Alliot-Marie intervened just three days after the gang members – or evil, racist bastards as I prefer to call them – were sentenced for the 2006 killing of Halimi.

The gang leader and chief bastard, one Youssouf Fofana,  was sentenced to life in prison. He was the only gang member convicted of murder. The other mob members were given prison terms shorter than recommended by the prosecuting attorney. This sparked a massive protest by French Jewish groups and Halimi’s family.

Among the fourteen who will be re-tried, are  two of Fofana’s main accomplices, as well as the woman who acted as the ‘honeytrap’ and lured Ilan Halimi to that isolated basement in the first place.

One key thing to remember about the murder of Ilan Halimi is that he was not a random victim. Fofana and his mob had been, by their own admission, fixated on finding and killing Jewish men for a considerable length of time. Anti semitism was not incidental to this murder – it was a fundamental cause.

Ilan Halimi was 23 and had everything in the world to look forward to. Yet he ended up being tortured and beaten for three weeks nonstop, before finally being set alight by his abusers and then left, naked, by a railway line. By the time someone found him, it was too late.


5 thoughts on “The Terrible Case Of Ilan Halimi: Update

  1. And surely, these acts do not portray Islam in a negative light. Only cartoons do!! Only educated debate and presentation of facts on the relationship between Islam and terrorism does. Sins such as these surely will invite fatwas and protests from Muslims; who cares about the pre-meditated racist killing of a Jew. There will be no fatwa against those killers, just quiet appreciation of their deeds. And surely, it is the will of Allah, that the infidel died!

  2. Hi, sorry I just needed to vent but wow, can you imagine if a Jew had done this? To a cat even??
    The very sad thing truly is the lack of coverage (the word is very close to courage) about this case, it should have been all over the news, the murder, the trial, the outcome…
    I wonder what some people (muslims) would say about about why the Jewish owned and run media isn’t using the news to garner sympathy for Jews around the world?? Noreen

  3. Hi NOREEN:

    Yes, it’s a most disturbing and tragic case. G-d only knows how the family of the Ilan Halimi will ever get over this dreadful loss.

    As for the ‘people’ who killed him – pity France doesn’t have the death penalty.

  4. Every time I read about this or hear an update my blood boils all over again. What is wrong with people? They should have been given the death penalty, all of them! This is what muslims understand. What more proof is the world waiting for there can never be peace with Ishmael.

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