Harry Potter: The Closet Jew

 As the star of the Harry Potter films, Daniel Radcliffe plays a boy who above all else, has integrity. A boy who loathes the bigotry of his enemies and  is proud of his ‘mudblood’ friends.


What a pity that in real life, Radcliffe doesn’t embody those traits. For this week, in an interview with the Guardian  Radcliffe shocked many by producing the type of anti semitic ‘joke’ that anyone with a functioning brain recognises as  vile. He claimed, absurdly, that because his own mother is Jewish, he ‘is allowed’ to make ‘jewish jokes’.


His remarks are disingenuous  in the extreme.   Firstly, the ‘joke’ that Radcliffe offered does nothing but repeat the weary old stereotype of Jews being mean and caring only about money. Did it never occur to Radcliffe that the millions of youngsters who hang on his every word would be taking this, too, as gospel…? 


Can he really be so naive as to think that what he says in a national newspaper won’t be read, remembered, and absorbed by his legions of young fans…?


Secondly, Radcliffe then tried to convince us, in this same article, that he is ‘proud’ of his Jewish heritage. Er, no, Daniel. You’re not, actually. If you were,  you would be incapable of maligning Jews in this manner. Those of us who are truly proud of our heritage do everything we possibly can to counter the spiteful lies historically told about Jews – not promote them to the masses.


Radcliffe’s ‘jewish identity’ is interesting, in fact. He clearly feels it is something he can switch on and off when it suits him. Thus, for the most part, his heritage doesn’t get a mention – and that’s just fine.  But when he does suddenly decide that ‘being jewish’ might make him more interesting, how does he reference his religion? With an anti semitic jibe. At the same time, another British newspaper has revealed that Radcliffe secretly writes poetry which he submits to an ‘underground’ publication under the name of – wait for it – Jacob Gershon.


Thus in private, Radcliffe cheerfully uses a Jewish name for his poetic scribblings yet in public, where it counts, the only thing he offers is bigotry.


There’s a word for behaviour like that. It’s hypocrisy.


So here’s the thing, Daniel. Please feel free not to identify as Jewish, either in public or private. I promise – the rest of us  don’t mind and won’t miss you.


Because frankly, with ‘jews’ like you, who needs enemies…?

7 thoughts on “Harry Potter: The Closet Jew

  1. Looking ,at his bold, naked Equus photos, Daniel is obviously not circumcised. All Jews must be circumcised. Ergo….sorry Daniel! If you will read your Old Testament, Abraham circumcised himself. Just some food for thought. (Sorry about my “cutting” remark, Daniel!)

  2. “I think that’s what’s so egregious about Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘joke’ – he never identified as Jewish before… he would have had more integrity had he admitted to being halachically Jewish, i.e. Jewish according to Jewish religious law, yet not being observant ”

    He certainly has identified as Jewish before, in several interviews. See for example http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2009-01-26/dirty-harry/full/

    As for his comment, I frankly prefer it to all those comments Seth Rogen makes about being a “fat ugly Jewish guy”, as if the first two characteristics are tied to the third. Or to every Woody Allen movie, full as they are with Jewish stereotypes. At least Radcliffe explicitly says it’s a joke. Rogen and Allen are more sinister because they make their comments like they’s a given.

  3. Hi NOMAS 🙂

    Anyone who would like to is welcome to join the Jewish family via conversion. That said: as Jews we are no more blessed than Gentiles. Judaism teaches that all moral souls reach heaven, and that ALL humans are born with the ‘divine spark’ within them.

    Some Gentiles who feel a particular kinship with Judaism, explore being a Noahide; http://www.noahide.org/

    Please feel most welcome to post again 🙂

  4. I am a gentile, who wishes instead to have been born a Jew. The blessings of God upon Abraham and his descendants are priceless. It is a shame when I see someone who hides and distorts his Judaism, lies about it, or is ashamed of this gift from God. How ironic that a Jew wants to be a gentile, and a gentile wants to be a Jew.

  5. Well put, STEVEN.

    I think that’s what’s so egregious about Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘joke’ – he never identified as Jewish before, but suddenly decides to do so just long enough to repeat one of the oldest anti semitic slurs that exists.

    And you are quite right – he would have had more integrity had he admitted to being halachically Jewish, i.e. Jewish according to Jewish religious law, yet not being observant etc. Like you, I am self taught in many aspects of Jewish theology, by the way – and am still learning 🙂

  6. Personally lost interest in ” Hurry Potter after the second film. few things irritate me more then when Show business people or sports personality’s, boast about their Jewish credentials, and then make ignorant remarks such as you refer.

    OK ” Someone can be an actor/ footballer/pop star/big brother contestant, and so happen to be Jewish. Fine ” nothing wrong with that.

    some people are born Jewish yet have little or no Jewish knowledge , fair Enough as I am largely self educated in Jewish matters.

    However just because someone just so happens to be playing ” Harry Potter/ Doctor Who, or whatever and so happens to be Jewish does not give them the right to act as an ambassador for the Jewish community.

    When answering inquiries concerning their Jewish identity instead of stereotyped Jokes, and “drivel about ethnic food, why can not people just say ” Yes I am Jewish though do not know much about it!?.

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