My, how easily the world condones the notion of this new, racist Palestinian state as championed by Obama.

The plan supported by his administration will lead to a new Palestinian Arab nation – in which Jews and maybe also Christians are banned from living.

At the same time, of course, Israel is being told she must kick out  Jews in Judea and Samaria, to make way for this new, ‘Judenfrei’ Palestinian Arab state.

The world either doesn’t care, or doesn’t recall, that 80% of what was Palestine is already taken up by Jordan – which is already Judenfrei, as  no Jews are permitted to live there.

Has anyone, ever,  read any pieces in the international press condemning Jordan for this racism…?

I know I haven’t.

Thus while the world yells in rage the second Israel lifts a finger to respond to Palestinian terrorism, Israel is  held to a far higher standard than either Jordan, or any Muslim country, or the new Palestinian state which is being carved out of Israel by the Arabs and Obama.

In other words, land is being taken from Jews, to form part of a Palestinian Arab, Judenfrei state.

And the world nods and smiles and mutters ‘about time’ as it sits back and watches this happen.

So when a few of my regular readers and even blogger friends chastise me for claiming that Obama is less than fair to Israel, well, they can chastise all they want.

What – am I as a Jew now meant to praise an American leader who seeks to turn the only middle eastern democracy into the size of a postage stamp?

Am I expected to cheer the idea of a Palestinian Arab state alongside Israel that will serve as a base for yet more terrorism?

The world is, again, either forgetting or ignoring what happened when Israel left Gaza. Israel gave the Palestinian Arabs what they were demanding – and what happened? Increased terrorism.

A new Palestinian Arab state beside Israel will just be Gaza redux. So excuse me if I’m not throwing a party and cracking open the champagne at the prospect.

And just to illustrate how Palestinian Arabs truly feel on these issues, here’s a fascinating glimpse into their hopes for this new state, courtesy of Arutz Sheva:

A poll released this week showed that PA Arabs are reluctant to grant rights to Jews or Christians within areas demanded for a PA state.

A survey conducted by the Arab World for Research and Development among 1,200 Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, found that many felt Jerusalem should not be shared with Jews and Christians.

When asked to what extent they agreed with a statement made by Barack Obama that Jerusalem should be “a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims,” less than 17% said they agree, while 20 percent said they “somewhat agree.” More than 42 percent said they disagree with the statement, while 17 percent “somewhat disagree.”

More than 45 percent of those surveyed disagreed with a second statement of Obama’s in which the president called on the Arab world to reject violence and killing as a means of struggle.

Twenty-two percent did not give an answer, while the remainder said they “agree” or “somewhat agree” with the statement.

Roughly 300,000 Jews reside in Judea and Samaria,   and approximately 250,000 more live in Jerusalem neighborhoods now being demanded by the Palestinian Authority.

The PA demands that any future Arab state in Judea and Samaria be rid of the current Jewish minority.

Jewish holy sites in Judea and Samaria include the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Me’arat Hamachpelah) in Hebron, Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem, and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem.

Jews are currently allowed full access only to the latter site, while the Tomb of the Patriarchs is split into Jewish and Muslim sections, and Jews are allowed to visit Joseph’s Tomb only intermittently.

I think we can all envisage the rage and the threats 0f violence if Muslims  were not allowed total access to their holy sites! Yet many of them would ideally ban Jews and Christians from Jerusalem.  Talk about rank hypocrisy.

Jerusalem was holy to Jews and Christians before Islam even existed.

So to those who complain when Jews dare to use words like ‘Judenfrei’ and ‘Judenrein’ in connection with Obama’s plans for a new Palestinian Arab state, I say: tough.

It’s the ugly policy that you should be protesting – not the accurate words Jews use to describe it.

Additional information:

The excellent Elder Of Ziyon blog offers this information about Jordan’s bans on both Jews and Israelis:

In 1933, a number of prominent Arabs in Transjordan asked Great Britain to allow Jews to settle there, to help its ailing economy, and Zionists were enthusiastic about the idea. But since the British saw the riots that were happening in Palestine at the time they didn’t want to worry about more problems of that type, so they created a law banning Jews from living there.

This policy was ratified — after the emirate became a kingdom — by Jordan’s law no. 6, sect. 3, on April 3, 1954, and reactivated in law no. 7, sect. 2, on April 1, 1963.

It states that any person may become a citizen of Jordan unless he is a Jew. King Hussein made peace with Israel in 1994, but the Judenrein legislation remains valid today.

So, yes, Jordan really has a law banning Jews – not Zionists, but Jews – from becoming citizens. And the original source of this law was none other than Great Britain.

Here’s the law: (h/t british18)

The following shall be deemed to be Jordanian nationals:

(1)Any person who has acquired Jordanian nationality or a Jordanian passport under the Jordanian Nationality Law, 1928, as amended, Law No. 6 of 1954 or this Law;

(2)Any person who, not being Jewish, possessed Palestinian nationality before 15 May 1948 and was a regular resident in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan between 20 December 1949 and 16 February 1954;

(3)Any person whose father holds Jordanian nationality;

(4)Any person born in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan of a mother holding Jordanian nationality and of a father of unknown nationality or of a Stateless father or whose filiation is not established;

(5)Any person born in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan of unknown parents, as a foundling in the Kingdom shall be considered born in the Kingdom pending evidence to the contrary;

(6)All members of the Bedouin tribes of the North mentioned in paragraph (j) of article 25 of the Provisional Election Law, No. 24 of 1960, who were effectively living in the territories annexed to the Kingdom in 1930.

But what if a Jew wants to become a naturalized citizen? Well…

Any Arab who has resided continuously in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for not less than 15 years may acquire Jordanian nationality, by decision of the Council of Ministers taken on a proposal by the Minister of Internal Affairs, if he renounces his nationality of origin and the law of his country permits him to do so..

‘ and ‘Judenrein’

Nazi terms used to designate an area free of Jewish presence. The words bear slightly different connotations; while Judenfrei merely refers to “freeing” an area of all of its Jewish citizens, Judenrein (literally “clean of Jews”) demands that any trace of Jewish blood be removed as an impurity.

Some of the locations declared Judenfrei

Establishments, villages, cities, and regions were declared Judenfrei after they were ethnically cleansed of Jews.

  • Gelnhausen, Germany – reported Judenfrei on November 1, 1938 by propaganda newspaper Kinzigwacht after its synagogue was closed and remaining local Jews forced to leave the town.
  • German-occupied Luxembourg – reported Judenfrei by the press on October 17, 1941.
  • German-occupied Estonia – December, 1941 . Reported as Judenfrei at Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942
  • German-occupied Belgrade, Serbia – August, 1942
  • Vienna – reported Judenfrei by Alois Brunner on October 9, 1942
  • Berlin, Germany – July 16, 1943

Check out also ‘Jordan’s Identity Crisis’ over at Elder Of Ziyon:

15 thoughts on “Judenfrei

  1. Why isn’t Ayatollah issuing a fatwa against Chinese leadership for asking the Uighurs not to go to mosques? The Chinese have said, if you want to pray, stay at home!! Wow…is there any other country in the world with the guts and political will to do that??

    Where are those great rats and champions of the Arab world and Muslim cause – Osama and Zawahiri, I’m referring to you?? Where are their threats of retribution.

    Where are those spokespersons for mighty Muslim Allah – you umpteen, dime a dozen imams, mullahs and maulanas, im looking at you – and their prohecies of doom, terror, punishment, floods and earthquakes on China?

    Ha, ha ha…such a sorry joke they all are….much as I hate to admit…they all tucked their tail and hid in their holes at the name of China. Perhaps a lesson for the west in all this in how to deal with Arabs/Muslims.

  2. Let’s play a diplomatic game. Has anyone wondered what would be the reactions if the state of Israel asked for “Arabfrei” Israel proper as a counterbalance to the “Judenfrei” Westbank?

    I guess it would be a outrage….yet “Judenfrei” arablands seem OK to them as if it was meant to be….. Now that’s crazy rubbish if you ask me…

    What is meant to be is the current situation of the ground…Situation of strength and power…. If this is what the PalArabs mean, then they should understand it pretty well instead to trying to get their ways through other means by use the weaknesses of their opponents…


    Excellent point!

    It’s something that we find a lot of: hypocrisy. When Muslims are suffering anywhere in the world, there is a strange silence from the international Muslim community. Yet the minute Israel does anything to defend itself, or the second any Israeli DARES to go within a certain distance of the mosque on the temple mount, and suddenly it’s a different story…

    You are spot on in what you say!

  4. JVAW,

    Dont you find the silence of the Muslim nations to China’s atrocities against Uighur muslims deafening? These guys dont have the guts to lift a tail against China. But Israel, a nation of few million in a small land is a soft target for them, isnt it?

    Also, those media folks who try to send aid in to Palestine; do these guys have the guts to try and sneak into Xinjiang province?

  5. Hi Marc 🙂

    I think it’s safe to say that Obama’s hypocrisy re Israel is inducing a lot of unhappiness and frankly, downright panic on the part of many Jews – me included!

    It’s significant that he’s tougher on Israelis building houses in Israel, than he is on Iran’s hanging of innocent people last week!

  6. I know, Jew with a View.

    I am not very sweet and kind to the JERK, Hussein.
    I think G-d just may be listening, but is not acting until people in America….
    WAKE UP!!!!!

  7. 1. Arab on the moon – hmmm….!
    2. Few Arabs on the moon…a problem
    3. A full troop of the Arabs on the moon….big problem
    4. All the Arabs on the moon….. problem solved!!! Ha ha ha.

    This article just shows another instance of how muslims / arabs suffer from partial amnesia when it comes to remembering the infringement on their rights by fellow muslims / arabs.

  8. Hi TT,

    Yes, ‘hospitality’ indeed…… Many thanks for your comments 🙂

  9. And on top of that with the rise of Hamas, such a state will treat non-Muslims as second class citizens

    It’s as if an African nation were being told to give up land to Apartheid South Africa

  10. It’s really dangerous these words don’t have the necessary publicity. Speaking about “Islamic hospitality”… 😦

  11. Now don’t sit on the fence MAD JEWESS – if you don’t like Obama, just say so…! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL 🙂

    Thanks for your comments – and SHABBAT SHALOM 🙂

  12. Israel belongs to the Jewish people, NOT Jordanians and Egyptians.
    May Hashem wipe the maggots OFF the face of the Earth.
    טןצשבי דיקצם הןזביקרם
    May his name be obliterated from ALL memry, the EVIL, debaucherous HUSSEIN Obama.

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