I Don’t Mind Admitting…

… I did indeed shed several tears over the death of Michael Jackson.


And frankly, I’m getting fed up with some people who insist that the topic is ‘trivial’ and that ‘too much’ coverage is being devoted to it. Granted, nothing should  eclipse what’s going on in Iran, nor other serious events –  but for many of us, Michael Jackson music was the soundtrack of our younger years.


I still remember being a teenager and waiting impatiently for the Thriller video to be released – and how much I enjoyed this innocent pleasure. Nor will I ever forget the traumatic week I spent in hospital, and how I clutched my Walkman and listened to Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad‘ album throughout those seven days.


 Michael Jackson’s music gave so much pleasure. He was a gigantic talent and it’s horrible to now read reports suggesting he was kept drugged and docile by those who were meant to be protecting him.  Those who bash the current news coverage and public outpouring of sadness overlook that, despite being wealthy, Michael Jackson suffered at the hands of a violent father and that by the tender age of 21 he was, in his own words, ‘worn out’.


So yes – it’s easy to mock. But the fact remains: Michael Jackson gave us the first ever pop video of note and when you watch Thriller, or indeed any of MJ’s performances today, it’s clear they stand the test of time. Most of today’s ‘stars’ can’t hold a candle to Michael – but then, I must admit to a bias. I wanted to marry him when I was 13.


Michael Jackson, King Of Pop and performer extraordinaire – may you Rest In Peace.


And for my fellow Michael Jackson fans, here are two treats: firstly, the original, full length Thriller video…





…  and secondly, the ‘Thriller’ dance tribute paid to Michael by several hundred  prison inmates… Come on,  you gotta love it!



11 thoughts on “I Don’t Mind Admitting…

  1. Hi JHRHV 🙂

    – just remembered also that some people suggest MJ’s involvement with the Nation Of Islam might have affected his views, also. I’m not sure of the details but I *think* he was only involved with them in recent years… Anyway, just a thought 🙂

  2. Thanks for the response makes sense to me. I heard today on the news how a lot of his fans say the him before about 92 and after were very different people.

  3. Hi JHRHV,

    I have indeed been reading a bit about these remarks that apparently MJ made.

    I’m aware that Uri Geller, a longtime friend of his, took him to task over them. Some time later, MJ was the best man at the Synagogue service, when Geller renewed his marriage vows.

    Of course, I condemn all forms of bigotry and find anti semitism especially hurtful. That said, I wasn’t privy to the remarks myself and am going to console myself with the notion that MJ was under the influence of drugs at the time he made the alledged remarks…!

    Denial on my part? Possibly 🙂

  4. Wow, you’re an MJ fan. This is a lovely post, nice memories you have.
    And great blog.

  5. Ha ha ha…and how long ago were you 13? 😛

    Ignore me here, im just being mischeivous! 😀

  6. He was a great musician and I feel bad for him and his fam. I been listening to his music and all of the shows about him since his death. And now I feel sad about hw I jugded him :(. Sadness
    PS- He was super hott at 21:D

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