Christians Suffering In Somalia: The ‘religion of peace’ Beheads Two Boys


Ah yes – yet another example of  Muslim ‘respect’ for their Christian neighbours.  This is a disturbing account of how two young Christian boys have been beheaded in Somalia – for refusing to rat out a Church leader. And now apparently those ‘peaceful’ Muslims are searching for the boys’ father, to deliver the same fate.


 The boys’ father, Musa Mohammed Yusuf,  lead an underground Church in Yonday village, Somalia. He had been taught about the Christian faith by  Salat Mberwa.


Then, in February, terrorists from the Islamic group al Shabaab arrived in Yonday, made for Yusuf’s home, and interrogated him about his friendship with Mberwa. Mberwa is a leader of a small Somali Christian  fellowship.  Meetings are held at his house.


 Yusuf told his interrogators that  he knew nothing of Mberwa and had no connection with him. The Islamic extremists left but threatened to  return the next day.


“Immediately when they left, I decided to flee my house for Kismayo, for I knew for sure they were determined to come back,” Yusuf said.


At noon the next day, as his wife was making lunch for their children in Yonday, the al Shabaab militants showed up. Batula Ali Arbow, Yusuf’s wife, recalled that their youngest son, Innocent, told the group that their father had left the house the previous day.


The Islamic extremists ordered her to stop what she was doing and took hold of three of her sons – 11   year-old Abdi Rahaman Musa Yusuf, 12 -year-old Hussein Musa Yusuf and Abdulahi Musa Yusuf, aged 7.


Several  neighbors beseeched the militants not to harm the three boys, tragically to no avail.


Arbow said:

I watched my three boys dragged away helplessly as my youngest boy was crying. I knew they were going to be slaughtered. Just after some few minutes I heard a wailing cry from Abdulahi running towards the house. I could not hold my breath. I only woke up with all my clothes wet. I knew I had fainted due to the shock.”


The following day, Arbow buried the bodies of her two sons.


In Kismayo, Yusuf received the news that two of his sons had been killed and that the Islamic militants were looking for him, and he fled on foot for Mberwa’s home. It took him a month and three days to reach him, and the Christian fellowship there raised travel funds for him to reach a refugee camp in Kenya.


Later that month his family met up with him at the refugee camp.When the family fled Somalia, they were forced to leave their 80-year-old grandmother behind and her whereabouts are unknown. Since arriving at the Kenyan refugee camp, the family still has no shelter, though fellow Christians are erecting one for them. Yusuf’s family lives each day without shoes, a mattress or shelter.


But Arbow said she has no wish to return.

“I do not want to go back to Somalia – I don’t want to see the graves of my children,” she said amid sobs.


Meanwhile, Western intelligence agencies say that al Shabaab is merely a proxy for  Al Queda. Christians in Somalia are suffering terribly and those in refugee camps are desperate.


“We have nowhere to run to,” Mberwa told Compass. “The al Shabaab are on our heads, while our Muslim brothers are also discriminating against us. Indeed even here in the refugee camp we are not safe. We need a safe haven elsewhere.”


Al-Shabaab has been waging a bloody war against the fragile government of Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. In a show of power in the capital city  of Mogadishu, last week  Islamic insurgents sentenced four young men each to amputation of a hand and a foot as punishment for robbery.


After mosques announced when the amputations would take place, the extremists carried them out by machete in front of about 300 people on Thursday (June 25) at a military camp. It was the first such double amputation in Mogadishu by the Islamists, who follow strict Sharia Law  (Islamic law) in the parts of south Somalia that they control.


Al Shabaab militants are battling Ahmed’s government for control of Mogadishu while fighting government-allied, moderate Islamist militia in the provinces. In the last 18 years of violence in Somalia, a two-and-a-half year Islamist insurgency has killed more than 18,000 civilians, uprooted 1 million people, allowed piracy to flourish offshore, and spread security fears round the region.


Hmmm…. odd. Where is the outcry from the international media, denouncing these Muslims terrorists as ‘Nazis’…? Oops! Silly me! That’s reserved for Israelis seeking to defend their civilians against Islamic terrorist group Hamas.


And when you read about the atrocities in Somalia, and elsewhere, that result from Sharia Law, remember: this is the religious system that Barack Obama praised and paid tribute to in Cairo. Clearly Obama doesn’t intend to ‘meddle’ on behalf of Christians in Somalia. No, he’s far too busy ordering Israelis not to have any more children if they live in Judea and Samaria.


And this upsetting tale from Somalia is not an isolated atrocity. Christians in Muslim countries around the world are suffering and are in need of support and help.


All of which begs the question: why isn’t Obama – himself a Christian – doing more to help his co-religionists…? Why is he instead busy sending increased aid to Muslim countries and banging his head against a brick wall in his continued bid to make Iran his New Best Friend…?



Original story at Compass Direct News

5 thoughts on “Christians Suffering In Somalia: The ‘religion of peace’ Beheads Two Boys

  1. Not just killing JWAV; cutting hands!!! How diseased is that….kill someone if your diseased hatred induces you too; but cutting hands and maiming that person for the remaining 30-40 years of his/her life!!

    Acts such as these are the perfect showcase of the ‘religion of peace’.


    One key thing to note about the Quran:

    Islamic doctrine holds that the earlier, far more peaceful parts are cancelled out by the later, more aggressive bits. So any version of the Quran that doesn’t present the material in chronological order is a tad deceptive.

    Up until about a year ago, I used to defend Islam all the time; online, to friends, and so on. Then I started researching it properly.

    For the parts of the Quran that condone terrorism and violence, I highly recommend these sites: – excellent resource – has an entire section which gives the parts of the Quran I referred to earlier, plus much more

    You might also find it interesting to check out the writings of Raymond Ibrahim; he’s particularly good on the fundamental differences between Islam, and Judaism and Christianity.
    Here’s a link:

    To reiterate: I’m not in any way suggesting that ‘all Muslims’ support terrorism!

    Nor that ‘all Muslims’ are violent!

    But the fact remains: a significant number of Muslims do take the Quran literally and thus do support extreme Islam. This means there are millions of Muslims, worldwide, who are either actively engaged in terrorism, or who are passively supporting it.

    If you check out the above links, let me know what you think 🙂

  3. I grew up in a country where Islamists existed alongside Christians and even though there were sometimes religious differences, I did not know that they were encouraged to kill out here.

    I am Christian and will not be reading the complete Koran anytime soon but I am told by muslims that they are not to kill.

    Do you have any quotes from the Quran. I really want to see it first hand.


  4. Thanks for your comments LAWYERMOMMY.

    I agree, of course, that there are extremists in all faiths.

    But no other religion actually teaches its followers that they have a ‘religious duty’ to kill those who won’t convert and join faith.

    Have you read the Quran? If not, I urge you to do so! It’s all there in black and white.

    It is no coincidence that every single day, across the entire planet, people are dying at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

    Of course, there are millions of peace loving Muslims, but they are this way despite Islam.

  5. I do not think that Islam is a religion of war. There are some extremist and these are the people who cause chaos the world over.

    In my case, I am an American and yet the government has done nothing to route an online THUG, a woman Shay Riley aka Halima Sal Andersen of the website “Black Female Interracial Marriage” who continues in her felonies and vicious criminality.

    Is the inability of law enforcement to track and jail this woman not an index of the fact there is no place in the world that is perfect?? Even based on Judeo Christian law, some thus like Evia Moore aka Lisa Vasquez still slide under the radar because they are shouting “Black power”… annoying!

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