Obama Administration: No More Jews Allowed To Be Born In Judea And Samaria

(hat tip  EMET NEWS   )


So now we’re told by George Mitchell, Middle East envoy to Obama, that America will be ‘closely monitoring’ Israeli birth statistics…  So much for Obama ‘not meddling’ in what other nations do.

Mitchell has apparently suggested that Jewish births in Judea and Samaria would be violations of Obama’s prohibition on ‘natural growth’. Let’s translate, shall we? If any Jewish parents dare to have more Jewish children in Judea and Samaria, Obama will be angry.

Since when is it acceptable for America to mandate how many children parents living in a sovereign nation can have…?

And why isn’t Obama cracking down on the truly illegal Palestinian Arab settlements in east Jerusalem…? You know – the ones built on land purchased fairly and owned legally by Israelis…?

I think the obscenely unfair nature of Obama’s stance on Israel is best summed up thus:


Something must be wrong with a man who is far more concerned with a Jew building a house in Israel than with Muslims building a nuclear bomb in Iran Bert Perlutsky.

11 thoughts on “Obama Administration: No More Jews Allowed To Be Born In Judea And Samaria

  1. Most of my friends (Christian) are appalled by our “leader.” He is not MY president. And I don’t believe that he is a Christian, either. They way that he treats Israel is appalling! I say breed, breed, breed! With G-d’s blessing! 🙂

  2. There’s a lot of us here in America that has no use for him!!! So please don’t think everyone in our country stands by him cause a lot of us support Israel!!! God Bless!!!

  3. I`m lost for words! Muslims have larger families than Jews, Christians etc. Surely, Jews can have how many children they wish in their own country, anywhere in their own country!!

  4. Don’t forget that Jerusalem=Judea. He’s also saying it is illegal for Jewish children to be born in Jerusalem. Well, he already told us that Jerusalem is not the capitol of Israel in his opinion.

    Got news for YOU Obama – G=d thinks different!

    Anyway, what’s he gonna do to me if I disobey?

  5. It never ceases to amaze me of how mealy mouthed western liberals want to support the whining murdering miscreants who call themseves Palestinians.
    I’m indebted to “mild colonial boy”an Australian blogger for his explanation of why lefties,and feminists,
    are sympathetic to Islam(it never made any sense to me).
    He pointed out that a gang of intellectual Marxists founded a school in Frankfurt(Am Main)and found refuge in the USA
    when the Nazis came to power.
    After the war they joined different American universities as philosophers and sociologists.
    There most prominent scholar was Herbert Marcuse who preached the advantage of common cause in the struggle against capitalism.


    So you think it’s fine for Obama to support the creation of a Palestinian Arab state where NO JEWS will be allowed?

    Yet in Israel, Palestinian Arabs now live as free citizens?

    So, Israel has to treat everyone fairly – but the new Palestinian Arab state can BAR ALL JEWS and you approve of that?

    Again – please don’t tell me you are ‘objective’.

    You are supporting a clear double standard here.

  7. Exactly DERHUNTER.

    I also find it astonishing that Obama, a Christian, is more concerned with Israel than with the plight of Christians in Somalia, for example! I’ve just posted a really, really upsetting story about how a mother watched her two young sons being dragged away by Islamic extremists; she had to bury them the next day after they were beheaded.

    Christians around the world are suffering terribly at the hands of Islam – where is Obama’s outraged stance on this???

  8. And who, I ask who…has appointed this sanctimonious tomfool as lord and master of Jewish parents??

    God knows, he needs to control the virulent spread of many an abominable people following abominable beliefs in the USA itself!

  9. Funny how it’s about monitoring Jewish children. Why doesn’t he monitor the ammount of Palestinians children born in the west bank and Gaza. There’s something he needs to be worrying about. How is it a violation of natural birth? It’s not like we’re using some sort of evil chemicals to make super genius children that will whipe out all the other people in the world.

    My solution is that we all team up, raise some money through synagogues then go to D.C personally to yell at obama and set his small brain strait. Any takers?

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