YouTube Tries To Get Rid Of IDF Message:

An IDF (Israeli Defence Force) message, in Arabic, is currently on YouTube. This represents a desperate attempt by Israel to convey, to the Arab speaking world, the facts about Operation Cast Lead.

But apparently, YouTube is trying to get rid of this video clip, citing ‘lack of interest’…!

Please, help the IDF to keep this important message on YouTube. Watch it, comment on it, recommend it to others.

To view it, just click

8 thoughts on “YouTube Tries To Get Rid Of IDF Message:

  1. Good point DERHUNTER.

    That said, I have to say that on at least two occasions, I’ve found fairer coverage on Al Jazeera than on the BBC – which is rather alarming… On one occasion, Al Jazeera was decent enough to invite an Israei Army general back onto the programme for a second time – because his first interview with them was cut and edited to the point where it was blatantly unfair.

    So I think we have to acknowledge it when Al Jazeera behaves with decency and hope that this will increase… 🙂

    Thanks for another excellent point, though 🙂

  2. Wonder why that grand theatre of Arab political voyeurism, Al-Jazeera, never shows these videos?? They have all the time in the world to host and post Osama and Ayman; but no time for this!!

  3. Thanks SAMMISH 🙂

    Quite a lot of us have been trying – it’s pitiful that youtube has disabled the comments but is then stating there is ‘lack of interest’ in that video clip!

  4. I wanted to add a comment to the YOUTUBE clip, but adding comments has been disabled for the video.

    It is an important video that every Palarab should see… but I bet you that the majority of the uneducated masses would not be influenced at all by it because they see their twisted struggle as by “any mean necessary” even if civilians are killed just to blame Israel and not the real perpetrators… in a sense, it is propaganda mean to put the blame on Israel… They are people who do not value life – life is cheap….

  5. Tonight Gilad Shalit will receive honorary citizenship from the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno. This will take place on the Campidoglio, Rome’s city hall. (in Italian.)
    I thought you would be interested in this.


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