What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Some doctors should be struck off for life  – and this is one of them. Dr Margaret Colter prescribed the Dianette contraception pill to Helen Schofield – but did not bother warning her  there was a risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Helen was getting the pill to help combat heavy periods. Because it also acted as birth control, she stopped taking her original contraceptive,  Celeste.

Dr Colter  packed her off with a nice, easy little prescription and what happened? Twelve weeks later, Helen Schofield is dead.

She collapsed while out with her mother; post mortem tests revealed a blood clot in one of her legs. The coroner declared there was a ‘pronounced’ link between her death, and the Dianette pill.

Nor is Helen the only victim of Dianette. It’s also been implicated in the death – also due to a blood clot – of a 17 year old student who took it to combat acne.

Helen Schofield’s mother has revealed that her daughter was concerned about Dianette’s potential  side effects.  Yet complacent and careless Dr Colter – who was seeing her for the first time – admits she hadn’t offered much advice as in her view, this patient would have been warned of the risks when she started taking the Celeste.

This assumption proved lethal. Dianette has four times the risk of other contraceptive pills.  Yet unbelievably, Dr Colter has tried to defend her negligence by saying: ‘Every pill has its risks’.

Yes, you stupid mare – that’s why this patient ASKED you about them!

Helen’s mother is now, quite rightly, asking the General Medical Council to investigate. Let’s hope they do. Let’s also hope that ‘doctor’ Colter is struck off.

It would have taken her two minutes to tell this patient about possible problems with Dianette. She chose not to – and now that patient is dead.

Every patient has the right to be made aware of possible problems with medications. Had this doctor done her job, Helen Schofield might be alive today.




2 thoughts on “What Doctors Don’t Tell You


    It’s called freedom of speech. The case of Dr Colter is now in the public domain and indeed, several newspapers have run stories about it. Will you also be writing them angry letters…?

    Dr Colter herself admits that she did not disclose to this particular patient the serious risks relating to this medication. Rather, she assumed that the patient already knew, purely on the basis that the patient had previously taken a different form of contraceptive pill. But as you will no doubt be aware, different medications carry different risks.

    And however angry you may be about what is being written, I submit to you that the family of this now dead woman are far more angry!

    Ultimately, it will be up to the General Medical Council to determine a fair outcome in this case.

    As for your furious rant, that I have posted: since when does one have to be personally involved with something to have an opinion??? Were YOU present at the consultation in question? No? Then what right do YOU have to lambast anyone else for expressing their views???

    Of course, it may be that you are Dr Colter, in which case I totally understand why you have submitted the comments.

    Either way, all bloggers express their own opinions. You might not like it, but you don’t get to silence us.

  2. Dear Jew with a view,
    are you personally involved in this case or privvy to the details ?
    I suspect not, so what gives you the right to publish this rant and be so personal about the Doctor.

    Are you a patient of Dr. Colter ? let me answer my own question, obviously not, or you would know she is neither stupid or a mare.
    Dr.Colter is utterly professional,kind, compassionate and caring. Her dedication to the job and her patients knows no limits. She is adored by all of her patients and colleagues.
    How dare you write such utter garbage and to suggest she is struck off is unbelievable and to use the term she “couldnt be bothered” is laughable. Complacent and careless she most certainly is not.
    What you published is scandalous as well as libelous as i’m sure you already know as it is written annonomously.

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