From Mecca To Jerusalem: Muslims And Their Feelings

 Next time someone tries to hoodwink you into believing that Islam ‘respects all faiths’, ask them about Mecca and Medina. Specifically, ask them why the two holiest Muslim cities are off limits to all non Muslims.

Yep, that’s right. Mecca and Medina are no go areas unless you’re a Quran-brandishing member of the ‘religion of peace’. And there are no exceptions, no apologies and certainly no concern over whether this might be a tad hypocritical.

In fact, just to make it clear to any naughty infidels who may try and sneak into Mecca, the Saudi authorities have put up these helpful signs:





Now let’s compare what happens in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. This is the holiest Jewish city. And where the second temple once stood, there now remains a solitary wall; the Kotel, or ‘Wailing Wall’, where Jews come to pray. Non Jews are also welcome there, and perfectly at liberty to visit the Kotel and pray there, should they desire.

And then there is the Al Aqsa Mosque – slapbang where the Jewish temple used to stand.

From what you read in the international media, you’d never know that Israel – being democratic to a fault – has given control of this vital area to the Muslims. So even as Muslims across the globe support, sponsor and carry out terrorism against  the Jewish state, it is the Muslim Waqf, part of the Palestinian Authority, which has jurisdiction over the Temple Mount area.

And what happens when any non Muslim dares to go there…?

Ask Israeli cabinet Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch. Today he paid a visit to the Temple Mount.  Result? Total hysteria and threats of violence from Palestinian Muslims. Aharonovitch spent a mere ninety minutes in the area, and was there purely to check police deployments in this volatile area of Jerusalem.

 “The intention of the visit was to see how the police would deploy in case of an emergency,” Aharonovitch’s spokesman Tal Harel said. And he added:We went everywhere. We were accompanied by the Waqf, who were fully aware of our presence, and this was planned in coordination with them well ahead of the visit.”

Nine years ago, of course, a similar visit by Ariel Sharon triggered a bloody and protracted ‘intifada’ by the Palestinians. I mean, just think about it: a  Jewish Israeli has the sheer chutzpah to visit a holy Jewish area in Israel, the Jewish homeland! Whatever next?!

And these are far from being isolated events. Back in 2005, on Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), a small Jewish group ascended the Temple Mount only to be attacked by a mob of Palestinian Muslims, who emerged from  the Al Aqsa Mosque. The police had to be called, so intense was the violence directed at the Jews.

But Jerusalem was a holy place for Jews before Islam even existed, I hear the historians among you cry indignantly!

Yet here is the Palestinian-appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Hussein, insisting that today’s visit by Israeli Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch was not coordinated in advance and, wait for it:

He does not have the right to visit al-Aqsa because it is an Islamic site and not a Jewish site, and it could ignite violence because the visit provokes the feelings of Muslims. It is an assault on an Islamic place,” Hussein said.

And there, in that one line, you have it. The sheer hypocrisy of the demands made by Muslims in non Muslim nations. Let’s read it again, just to marvel at the utter arrogance involved:

‘…it could ignite violence because the visit provokes the feelings of Muslims…’

Ah yes,  Muslim feelings…

The same Muslim feelings that are ‘provoked’ by cartoons and teddy bears and piggy banks and democracy and Geert Wilders and books about Mohammed and freedom for women and alcohol and Jews and Christians and Hindus and Buddhists and Sikhs and Atheists and Gays and every single thing on the planet that does not comply with Islam!

It is these Muslim feelings that Barack Obama, the great Dhimmi in the White House, is busy bending over backwards to appease.

It is these Muslim feelings that got Dutch Politician Geert Wilders banned from Britain and also have him living in fear, under 24/7 police guard.

It is these Muslim feelings that ensure women throughout the Islamic world have about the same rights as a house plant; none, in other words.

It is these Muslim feelings that enable Muslim men in Saudi Arabia to rape women with impunity; women who are then publicly flogged and imprisoned as ‘punishment’.

It is these Muslim feelings that ensured the novel ‘The Jewel Of Medina’ was dropped by two publishers,  after angry Muslims threatened the first one, and then firebombed the London home of the second who took it on.

It is Muslim feelings that result in Muslim terrorists stealing the lives of innocent civilians in Israel on a regular basis.

It is Muslim feelings that in 2005 brought horror to the heart of London and left corpses buried underground on burning tube trains.

It is Muslim feelings that brought down the Twin Towers in New York and that have caused another 13,459 deaths since.


Frankly, I don’t give a damn about Muslim sensibilities any more,  given that in order to keep Muslims happy, the rest of us have to sacrifice every  value we hold dear.

I recommend that next time the followers of Islam start burning flags, rioting, issuing fatwas, and banging on about their feelings, we tell them where to shove’em!


32 thoughts on “From Mecca To Jerusalem: Muslims And Their Feelings

  1. go fuck your self you fucking jew.jerusalem isn’t capital of fucking israel it’s the capital of palestine.fucking jews

  2. […] Muslims and their ‘feelings’ Next time someone tries to hoodwink you into believing that Islam ‘respects all faiths’, ask them about Mecca and Medina. Specifically, ask them why the two holiest Muslim cities are off limits to all non Muslims. Muslims and their feelings. – A Jew with a View (more…) […]

  3. Most educational excellent article: read and learn what Islam is all about; it is arrogant, full of chutzpa, discriminatory, bias, hostile, intolerant, violent, and murderous. And these are the despicable, lacking any human rights and moral compass Arab-Muslims Obama is seeking friendship with and is forcing Israel to cede its land to? Go figure it all out; I cannot! Why are we even speaking with them!? What is wrong with us that we are not finally stopping Obama?
    The comment on the article are brilliant!

  4. Derhunter, thank you for your kind words and encouragement 🙂

    And yes, I totally agree with you. When it comes to Islam, understanding is a one way street! The response of the Muslim world to the Danish cartoons almost defied belief – it would have been farcical, if people weren’t getting killed and injured and.

    Not one British newspaper agreed to run those cartoons. Shameful, isn’t it…?!

    Lovely to know that our Christian friends around the world are supporting Israel so staunchly! Do stop by again 🙂

  5. Hi ‘Jew with a view’,

    I’m an Indian from South Asia and a Christian too and have been a long time follower, supporter and fan of Jews and Israel.

    I wonder why the rhetoric from Muslims is always about ‘others understanding Islam’ and not about ‘Muslims understanding western values of freedom of speech, liberty and justice’. I’m speaking about this specifically w.r.t. the Danish cartoon issue.

    Also, how many fatwas do u hear from the verbally diarrhoiac mullahs and imams against Osama, where is the Arab / Muslim outrage against singers like Shaaban Abdel-Rehim who write songs like ‘I hate Israel’??

    Just goes to show Muslim hypocrisy and contempt for non-muslims.

    Keep up the good work!

    – Derhunter

  6. Just imagine what would happen if al-Makkaka/al-Mad-Dina-style bans on islamic hoofs were to apply to Western countries…

    A morbidly obese sheik who has never worked in his life, sitting on millions of petrodollars which he owe to an accident of geology, as Hugh Fitzgerald has described the source of their obscene wealth, wants one of his 373 sons to enroll in a decent degree program at a Western university? Nope, can’t do that. Try al-Azhar university, where geocentric Ptolemaic astronomy is still taught in order to avoid contradicting Mein Qurampf.

    The fat sheik needs unclogging for his arteries? Not at Western hospitals. Try Mein Qurampf recitation, the same “cure” for epilepsy prescribed in Saudi Arabia until a few weeks ago, when a “scientific breakthrough” showed that it wasn’t caused by JINN!

    And, digressing a little from the topic of access to places, how about that old lack of reciprocity when it comes to mosque-building in Western Europe versus non-mahoundian temples in Saudi Arabia? For each new mosque those swines want to see erected in the USA or Western Europe, a church, a synagogue; a Zoroastrian, a Buddhist or Hindu temple should be built in a Saudi big city, preferably al-Makkakakakakaka.

    But we can’t expect our sackless political leaders in the West, who claim to fight for our interests, to act so eagerly in defense of our interests, especially when it antagonizes their beloved keffiyeh-wearing camel-molesters, can we? Well, unless their names are Geert Wilders or Pia Kjaersgaard, we can’t!

  7. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. As a gentile living in fairly moderate Canada, I keep a watch on the 7th century control system masquerading as a religion known world-wide as Islam.

    Islam shows no respect for anyone who criticizes it, anyone who leaves it (under penalty of death) and anyone who demonstrates even a small knowledge of their bloody and brutal history. The only dialog they know is that of the sword.

    I read many blogs on jihad and the refrain is largely the same: Islam and Judaism are polar opposites in values and modernity. Judaism belongs to this and all other times while Islam is for the Dark Ages and no other time. The problem is that Islam is bound and determined to drag the rest of the world into those Dark Ages again using 21st century weapons and tactics.

    May the west prevail.
    Kaffir and proud.

  8. Thank you AMERICAN PATRIOT 🙂

    Hi ‘FILTHY KAFIR’ – many thanks for your very kind comments!

  9. Jew with a view – RIGHT ON! RIGHT ON! RIGHT ON! I’m sick of intolerant muslims and their hegemony. Ditto what Timmy said, let them cannibalize each other.

  10. Hi TT 🙂

    Many thanks for that link 🙂

    And yes, I agree with you; the way that the UN tries to protect Islam from any criticism is appalling. I’m going to check out your link right now 🙂

  11. All non-Muslims of the world need to unite and begin a perpetual campaign of “provoking the feelings of Muslims.” Burst every bubble, lampoon every bit of what they count most precious, be utterly relentless, provoking them into insane rages. Let them riot and destroy their entire world, just keep them out of the West and remove them as much as possible from other places that civilized people live, then let the fun begin. Like children who stomp their feet and cry on and on until they realize they aren’t getting what they want, eventually, even if it takes a hundred years, the Muslims will figure out what fools they are. Playing into their silly demands only makes them worse.

  12. Thank you for the visit to our blog. We are trying to educate the people of our country, the Maldives. Your article will be very helpful and so I posted the whole article just to make sure more people read it in full. I added your site at the bottom as the top part appears on the where it is listed.
    I have now changed it as your wish and I have also asked my partner to add your site to our international links.
    Excellent article. Many Thanks

  13. Many thanks Ali 🙂

    The sad part is that, of course, there are millions of peace-loving Muslims who hate terrorism. But their voices are being drowned out by the war cry of the terrorists.

    Your comments are greatly appreciated 🙂

  14. Excellent article. I am a supposed to be a muslim because I was born to a muslim couple and I am stuck with this awful cult. I wish more and more people would stand up to these arrogant, hostile and intolerant muslims.

  15. I waved bye bye to Islamic grievances when people started dying because of a cartoon.

  16. Excellent post,, time we Infidels, stand up and say ENOUGH!!

    I have posted this to my blog,, linking back to here!!!

    With my comments,,

    Lan Astaslem!


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