The ‘Religion Of Peace’ Inspires More ‘Love’ For Hindus

SRINAGAR, India  —

The Indian army has revealed it today defused a bomb directed at Hindus taking part in their annual pilgrimage. The bomb was placed along the route to a mountain shrine in Kashmir. Kashmir has a Muslim majority.

The Indian army discovered the IED (Improvised Explosive Device) on a road south of the Kashmiri capital, Srinagar. The IED was hidden in a bag, at the side of the road.

An army officer said: “The timely discovery avoided a potential catastrophe’.

 Thousands of security forces are deployed along mountain roads and trails to protect the pilgrims, who have been targeted in the past by Islamic militants fighting New Delhi’s rule in Muslim-majority Kashmir. At least 32 pilgrims were killed in attacks by suspected militants in 2000 and ten more died the following year.

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