Rebel Yell

Strange breed, the Brits.

There are numerous issues that we could and should be protesting over; hospitals crawling with superbugs; criminals sauntering free from court; the MPs’ expenses scandal. But which issue has got people across Britain up in arms?

Wheelie bins.

Yep. It seems we Brits will put up with plenty that would have folk in other countries out in the streets raising hell. Not us, though. What we are really, really passionate about, is our dislike of wheelie bins. Right now, across the land, indignant citizens are protesting by leaving their wheelie bins in front of their houses. Some have organised protests. Some have even marched on their local council offices.

Apparently people really don’t like the way wheelie bins look. Especially now that many of us have three, each one for separate items. Woe betide you if you put the wrong bit of rubbish in the wrong wheelie bin!

Personally, I’m indifferent. But I’m astonished that of all the issues troubling Britain at present, it’s this one that is causing an outcry. No wonder our politicians get away with so much. We put up with it.

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