Israel Is Getting This Wrong

Can a country ever be too democratic…?

In Israel, the head of a radical Muslim group has been allowed to lecture 200 Arab students – on a total lie.

Sheikh Ra’ad Salah gave the talk at Haifa University that: “Israel is tunneling underneath the Temple Mount in order to build the Third Temple.”

And although this is nothing more than a nutty conspiracy theory, Haifa University officials said Thursday they could not prevent Sheikh Ra’ad Salah from repeating the charges.

The university had fought for several weeks against his appearing but legally could not stop him from speaking, a university spokeswoman said. “The university does not accept what he speaks for,” she stated.

What’s more, Jews were actually barred from attending the talk!

Salah was indicted in January for incitement and making racist statements during a speech given last year in protest of repairs to the Rambam (Mughrabi) gate near the Temple Mount.

Salah has also been regurgitating the age old blood libel, and suggesting that Jews in Europe had used the blood of non-Jewish children to bake “holy bread,” and that Jews in Israel did the same.

Minister of Education Gideon Sa’ar said he intends to file a complaint to the Higher Education Council about Salah’s remarks to Muslim students. While protestors outside chanted, “This is not Tehran,” Muslim students inside yelled “Allah Hu Akbar” (Allah is great)

Is it just me, or is Israel mad for letting lunatics like this spread their vitriol and lies? Freedom of speech should not include freedom to spread lies and incite hatred. This man is a known agitator; he should have been banned from speaking at the University.

After all, no Jew would be allowed to speak at such an event if spreading similar lies about Arabs!

Oh, and next time someone tries to claim that Israel is not a democracy, you can point to this example. Because if there was ever a case of a nation being too democratic, this must be it.

2 thoughts on “Israel Is Getting This Wrong

  1. Well said Lee!

    It’s alarming that Israel seems to be falling into the same trap as Europe, in permitting some Muslims to publicly incite hatred because ‘it’s free speech’.

    Freedom of speech should never, ever be used to justify hate speech. And if the existing laws in any given nation don’t make that clear, then they should be CHANGED!

    Thanks for your comments 🙂

  2. Since when does the right to free speech outweigh the right to protection from those who encourage terrorism? These “rights” have gone too far for some time now. Who gave these rights? I know, the writers of the US Constitution claim that “the Creator” gave them. However, I have read through the Scriptures many times and have yet to ever find anything even close to that being true.

    Sa’ar said he intends to file a complaint? A complaint? Yeah, that should have those Muslims scared! How about filing deportation papers?

    Thanks for bringing this report to the surface!

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