Woman Pleads With Police To Stop Her Husband – Police Do Nothing, Husband Kills Her. Anyone surprised?

Q: How many times must a woman  ask British police to stop her husband attacking her, before British police do something?

A: She can ask them 25 times, and they still won’t help. Neither will the Crown Prosecution Service.

And now a domestic violence charity is hoping to highlight this. Specifically, by using human rights legislation to sue Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service, after a young mother was murdered by her violent husband.

Malik Mannan, 36, stabbed his wife Sabina Akhtar, 26, to death at their home in Longsight.

A jury later found him guilty of murder and jailed him for a minimum of 17 years.

But it then emerged that poor Sabina had contacted  police on no less than 25 occasions. In fact, she even predicted  her husband would kill her.

Sabina told them: “I genuinely believe that if he gets the opportunity, he will not hesitate to kill me. I will support any police prosecution in this case and I am happy to give evidence in court if necessary.

Yet prosecutors decided not to press charges, leaving him free to murder.

Now the charity Refuge says it will argue that GMP and the CPS failed to protect Sabina.

Human rights lawyer Helena Kennedy QC said the legal action could become a landmark test case and Sabina’s family have said they would back the action ‘100 per cent’.

Sandra Horley, chief executive of Refuge, said: “Under human rights legislation, the authorities have a duty to protect persons and we believed in this case the police and CPS failed spectacularly and if they had handled it better she might still be alive today. I believe the only way to change policy and practice is to hit them where it hurts – in their wallets.”

Sabina’s family believe she would still be alive today if police and prosecutors had listened to her cries for help.

Sabina reported Mannan’s attacks and death threats months before her murder in September last year.

Mannan was arrested for threatening to kill her but bailed last July with a warning not to contact her. He ignored the order and was arrested trying to get into her house.

The case was reviewed by a CPS lawyer who decided there was no case to answer despite the previous complaints. Bail restrictions on Mannan were dropped and he sent Sabina a text boasting: “I am a free man. Case file closed. Isn’t it great?”

Four days later he stabbed her to death with a kitchen knife.

This is not an isolated case.  I’m sure many of us recall reading about other women who end up being murdered by men they have repeatedly reported for harassment and assault. Let’s hope this legal action goes ahead – watch this space.

8 thoughts on “Woman Pleads With Police To Stop Her Husband – Police Do Nothing, Husband Kills Her. Anyone surprised?

  1. UK numbers.. you DO know that the ONS is officially ‘not fit for purpose’ right? *smirkle*

    Actually, it is an open secret in the UK that muslim women are not treated equally, because that would be ‘racist’ and respectless of their culture. The other issue is muslim police men and taxi drivers, who all too often file those kidnap, torture and false imprisonment crimes under ‘private property disputes’ and act accordingly, often returning the victims home to their loving family summarily. Besides that, we now have official gevernment sanctioned Sharia courts, so that’s all all being taken care of, properly, in a very equalitarian way. Move along now, nothing to see here…

    Non-muslim women are also ignored just as efficiently, but for very different reasons — basically, every white person who does not behave impeccably middle class like is labelled an immoral feckless chav who is just getting just desserts and STD’s.

    And the many men that get beaten up by women are even more ignored, but then we all know that males don’t deserve human rights… and wimps double so don’t.

    So you see, there is equal opportunity all round and everyone gets a wooden spoon as a prize.

    On a less cynical note — do you think that the women has some responsibility for her own life tho? If anyone threatened and attacked me 25 times and I didn’t have the option to sort them out, I’d move after the 2nd rehearsal. The police is there to rescue you, they cannot run your life for you!

    As for the numbers, that is comparing apples to oranges, violence against women takes many different forms and it is not helpful to throw it all into one pot — a women that is systematically abused by her husband with the goal to break her is very different to one that got a random beating by a stranger, and the actual crime (and treatment to fix things) also is quite different too.

    Beside that, we’re not keeping score — 1000 beaten muslim women does not mean a license for the proportional number of [insert ethnic group here] to beat they quota of wives to even out things numerically.

    Btw, any women who hangs around a violent husband when kids are involved is guilty of child abuse in my eyes. So even more of a reason to leave the situation, especially if you’re living in the West, you have no excuse for ‘playing’ this game. But a lot of people like fighting until it really really hurts, and even then, a lot don’t get enough and happily go back for more. I’ve yet to meet someone who is innocent here, and I’ve been around for quite a while.

  2. Many thanks for your comments – you make some good points.

    I slightly disagree with you on one point: maybe I just don’t know the details, but I haven’t read anything suggesting the victim was trying to impose Muslim laws on British society. And even if she was, the failing in this instance is still on the part of Greater Manchester Police and the CPS.

    In an ideal world, the woman concerned would and could and should get the hell out of the marriage and start anew elsewhere. But often it’s not as simple as that, especially when, as in this sad case, there are children involved.

    I’d also just note that there have been a number of very similar cases involving NON Muslim women.

    You make excellent points about the time wasted by Police on making reports/ticking boxes etc, though.

    Do stop by again and post if and when you have the time 🙂

  3. The problem with such prosecutions is that this is a PC ‘no go area’ — not only do the cops get attacked in those areas if they don’t bring enough backup, but they often get sued over all sorts of insane crap when dealing with this segment of the population, since those folks are …umm… rather autonomous in outlook and always quick to allege all sorts, and the cops end up in trouble over unshoed dogs or staring too long etc. Sharia is the order of the day in muslim areas in the UK, because, well, how people live is up to people, and if they decide to be in a certain way, well, that is what they are. Policing only works with consent, otherwise you may as well call the area a gulag instead and act accordingly.

    Add to that the general inertia of the UK police who are drowning in boxes to tick, and the fact that a solved murder counts just like solved shoplifting in said statitics — plus that the police force has been at pains to recruit locally regardless of qualification or loyalites, there isn’t much left that can be called ‘policing’, it’s more like a apres disaster service — mops at the ready.

    Besides, not only did the women marry this guy at some point (although, it sounds like yet another breeding arrangement, not a real marriage that occurred for love to be blunt) but, after 25 times you’d think she get the idea that the police and authorities cannot and will not protect her and that she needs to move and start a new life, instead of insisting that we chance her culture for her. Even if hubby gets arrested, his brother or cousin will finish the deed eventually, and so, she needed to choose her culture, since her old one wants to murder her and the alternative (joining the free world) means she has to start taking responsibility for herself. She choose to stay, and so, in a way committed suicide.

    We can’t police for sanity, this has to be supplied by the people themselves!

    BTW, had she murdered the guy, she would have gotten off scot-free in the UK, such is the new laws that protect women. I hate them(because they are morally wrong), but in this case, well, sometimes, deterrence is the best way of avoiding such problems, and once words gets round that murdering persistent assholes is legal, perhaps there is going to be a lot less of it, either by voluntary enlightenment or the resulting natural lossage.

    (If I could wave a magic wand, I would. In the meanwhile, reality has to suffice, even if I totally detest it.)

  4. You were right to allow the comment to remain. Those with good arguments need not stamp out opposing views, even those that are morally repugnant. The truth will out, as they say.

    Thanks to you for your kind words, I fully echo the sentiment.

  5. Hey Erik 🙂

    Many thanks for your kind words of support.

    I was, I admit, initially in two minds about whether to publish the…. ‘contribution’ from ‘trep’… But I figured that decent people would express their rejection of his spite – and I was right, for here you are 🙂

    I do hope all is well with you and look forward, as always, to reading more of your comments, both on Yahoo Answers and hopefully here, when and if you have time 🙂

    All best wishes 🙂

  6. “You’re the kind of ‘human’ that enabled the Holocaust to happen.”

    Perfectly worded riposte.

    Words fail me for how utterly disgusting I find trep’s comments.

  7. I’m allowing your comment to stand so that others out there can witness the hateful nature of racism.

    And my response to you is simple:

    You’re the kind of ‘human’ that enabled the Holocaust to happen.

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