The Joys Of Jihad

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has come up with a novel way to stop children being bored during the long summer holidays.

He’s setting up a Joys Of Jihad Summer Camp!

The ‘summer school’ will consist of a twenty week course on Islam and since Choudary is known for his extremist views and his advocacy of terrorism, concern is rising over his plans.

Adverts for the summer school state the minimum age acceptable is fifteen – but Choudary’s School Of Shariah has said it will definitely consider younger applicants.

And what will these young Muslim boys be learning about…?

Answer: the ‘Islamic struggle’ and also how to enter the ‘gardens of paradise’.

Anyone else out there feel distinctly alarmed? Tory MP Philip Davies, 37, said: “This is appalling. We know what this character is like and the kinds of things he will be saying. We need summer schools to encourage people to integrate into British society.

“The last thing we need is individuals like this spreading their poison and indoctrinating more people into their cause.”

Choudary, 41, has joined fellow fanatics to set up the School of Shari’ah, based in east London.

A police source said: “Choudary is well on the radar and is considered safe because he is so high profile.”

English Democrats chairman Robin Tilbrook criticised Choudary’s right to preach hate while also raking in handouts.

He said: “Not only is he spreading his warped view of Islam, but he’s flaunting it in our face by doing it with our cash.”

Muslim Council of Britain spokesman Inayat Bunglawala said: “Anjem Choudary is not regarded as a qualified Islamic scholar by mainstream UK Muslims.

“That said, however, he is free to promote his own views and teachings in the UK as long as he acts within the law.

“We live in a country that is proud of its tradition of free speech after all.”

Yep, that’s Islam all right. Using the very virtues of democracy to destroy democracy. And what is the government intending to do about this farce?


5 thoughts on “The Joys Of Jihad

  1. Hey, If Allah wants to make you or me into a pig, that’s his business. ‘owl’ linked you on her blog, by the way.

  2. Well, given the way the UN is at present, your ex friend should fit right in…!

    I’m laughing – and grimacing – at what he said about proof of ‘evolution’… 🙂

  3. I think he believed it. I once asked if he could clarify the Muslim attitude to Darwinism for me, and he responded by sending me a long article full of Koranic verslets and quotes from the hadith which made no sense…until I got to the part about Allah turning Jews into monkeys and pigs (or the other way around), and how perhaps this was actual proof of “evolution”. I kid you not.
    I asked my “friend” if he thought this illuminated my initial question, to which he responded, “But this is the word of Allah, etc…” Anyway, the UN is luck to have him on their team.

  4. Many thanks for your comments 🙂

    Let’s hope that your former friend, who is now at the UN, didn’t believe all that he was taught at the Jihad camp… The very notion of what Anjem Choudary is doing is appalling. Typically, the gutless British government won’t lift a finger to stop him.

  5. I had a Muslim friend (note the past tense) who told me of attending a similar kind of camp as a boy in Maryland. I’m from Maryland, too. We’re the same age. While he was supposedly at jihad camp, I was wasting my time in little league. Now he works for the UN, and I make half his salary. Jihad pays, I guess.

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