Spain: Alarming Verbal Assult On Israeli Ambassador

The Israeli Ambassador to Spain was subjected to horrendous racist abuse on Saturday. Rafi Shotz was walking home from a Real Madrid football match, when three men rounded on them, screaming ‘jew dog’, ‘dirty jew’ and ‘jew bastard’.

Ah, the imaginative nature of anti semites the world over. I mean, you’d think that after thousands of years of this racist crap, they’d at least have come up with something more novel than that, wouldn’t you?

Shotz and his wife were accompanied by two Spanish bodyguards for the short walk from the football stadium to their house. Shotz described the incident to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, calling his report: ‘Anti semitism – a personal testimony’. He also stated that there were slurs yelled that ‘cannot appear in print’.

On Monday Shotz told reporters: ‘It was an ugly incident, the kind one hears about or reads about in a newspaper, but to experience personally the force of hatred and anti semitism is difficult and emotionally charged.’

Shotz did not file an official complaint with the Spanish Foreign Ministry, saying that to do so would give the incident ‘diplomatic importance.’

Readers of Jewish newspapers in the UK may recall reports last year detailing the astonishingly anti semitic nature of certain newspaper headlines which appeared:

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