Don’t Y’all Just Wish Jonathan Ross Would Shut The Hell Up?

I wish that someone close to him would get a nice, big bit of duct tape, and gag Jonathan Ross. Just for a week. Just to give the rest of us a respite.

Granted, many moons ago, his wit was faster than light and his show was great fun. But for some time now, it’s been appalling to see Ross pawing at and propositioning any female under the age of ninety. Doesn’t matter who they are or what they look like – if they’re female, they’re fair game. Watching as each successive female guest sits and smiles through gritted teeth while trying desperately to edge along the sofa and out of Ross’s clutches, does not for enjoyable viewing make.

And now this week, Ross is whingeing because he didn’t win a Bafta. Apparently he feels there is some sort of ‘media conspiracy’ against him. Er, actually, Jonathan, I think you’ll find it has more to do with the obscene, cruel and utterly humourless phone call you made to veteran actor Andrew Sachs a while back – and which was then broadcast, much to the horror of Sachs and his entire family.

So I for one am delighted that Ross was denied a Bafta. I just wish he hadn’t been nominated for one in the first place.

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