British Divorce Cases May Be Subject To Sharia Law

Judges in Dhimmiland UK could be forced to recognise Sharia law in some British divorce cases.

A new EU plan – known as the Rome III reform – calls for family courts across Europe to hear cases using the laws of whichever country the particular couple have ‘close links to’.

The implications of this are alarming. It means that a British judge may have to apply Saudi Arabian laws to a husband and wife living in Britain.

Today, the Centre For Social Justice think tank condemned the idea as ‘ludicrous’.

But some nine EU nations are thought to view Rome III positively.

If Britain were ever to adopt this plan, numerous women with close ties to Muslim countries would find themselves in terrible situations, as under Sharia Law they have virtually no rights.

The Centre For Social Justice acknowledges that current divorce arrangements are often ‘anti family’, however.

At present, a couple who originally come from different EU states can have their divorce heard in the first country where one of them files the divorce papers. But countries vary dramatically in terms of what they offer regarding division of wealth.

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