Racism On WordPress

Let’s face it: there’s a whole lot of racism out here in cyberspace. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but open to awful abuse.

Some years ago, a group calling themselves the JIDF (Jewish Internet Defence Force) decided to try and do something about it. Ever since, they’ve been working  hard to combat some of the more extreme anti Jewish sentiments being expressed online.

On Facebook, for instance, there are numerous groups which openly advocate Jihad, which praise Hitler, and which try to whip up hatred against not just Jews but also members of other religions.

The JIDF has risen to the challenge – and now they’re asking if WE are willing to do our bit! Specifically, they are asking us to:

Write to: m@wordpress.org – and explain how all of the following blogs are part of Frank Weltner’s anti semitic network.

Complain about inciting  hatred against Jews. (WordPress should be receptive to removing these since they have banned Frank twice now):


I’m just about to send my email – please add your voice by doing the same 🙂

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