Hamas Speciality: Hiding Among Women And Children

And the award for the Most Caring Politician  Of The Year goes to…. come on down, Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas Prime Minister!

It now transpires that Ismail operated a command centre in the heart of Shifra Hospital during January, when Israelis finally went into Gaza after thousand of missile attacks, courtesy of Hamas.

Now the IDF has revealed that Haniyeh, and other Hamas commanders, took over an entire ward within the hospital, and used it as a ‘command centure’ throughout Operation Cast Lead.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Guards were posted at the entrance to the ward and field commanders took advantage of the humanitarian corridor and cessation of action that the IDF instituted every day for several hours, to enter the hospital and meet with senior Hamas officials to receive instructions.

Senior Hamas commanders also set up a command center in a Red Crescent Society clinic in Khan Yunis and used it as a detention center. An IDF investigation, conducted by Col. Erez Katz, focused on the targeting of health facilities, vehicles and medical teams.

The probe discovered that out of seven medical personnel claimed to have been killed by the IDF, five were Hamas operatives, including a nephew of the Hamas health minister. Two were civilians.

The probe also uncovered a number of cases during which Hamas used ambulances to transport operatives. Testimony by a Gazan medical worker and obtained by the IDF revealed how Hamas forced the Red Crescent to hand over medic and nurse uniforms for its operatives.

See how the whole thing works? Hamas makes a habit of planting operatives and weaponry among civilians. Then Hamas expects Israel to care more for the welfare of Palestinians than Hamas itself does!

And when Israel, quite properly and rationally, puts its own citizens first and duly hits any areas where Hamas is hiding, Hamas complains when innocents die!

And most of the world, rather than lambasting Hamas for using innocents as human shields, condemns Israel for not allowing Hamas to get away with doing so!

To watch a video clip of what really went on in Gaza, click HERE

2 thoughts on “Hamas Speciality: Hiding Among Women And Children

  1. Thanks so much Eric 🙂

    Thank G-d there ARE people like you, who do recognise that not all we read in the newspapers is accurate and that Israel IS trying her best in an impossible situation.

    I really do appreciate your comments 🙂

  2. Silly me, I always assumed this practice was well-known. It isn’t enough to attack Israel; you have to make them look like the bad guy while doing so. These tactics are ancient; it’s just as much about winning ‘hearts and minds’ as it is about more tangible objectives. The real shock for me is in the details, seeing the Red Crescent suborned to a terrorist agenda. Insidious. I know it must seem like “most of the world” doesn’t have a clear picture of what is occurring in the Middle East, but plenty of us are aware just how sophisticated a game Hamas and Hezbollah are playing. To me at least it is self-evident.

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