Multiculturalism? Or Lunacy?


And the latest from Dhimmiland UK, is that some schools may now shut completely – for Ramadan.

Yep – you read it correctly the first time. In some areas of the country, entire schools will close for the Muslim festival.

From an article in the Daily Mail:

Now local authorities including Manchester, Oldham and Tower Hamlets in East London are granting schools permission to close for up to three days to cover holy days such as the Islamic festivals of Eid al Fitr and Eid ul Adha.

Strange, isn’t it? Jews, Hindus, Pagans, Buddhists, and Sikhs have always managed perfectly well in Britain; we take the occasional day off to observe and enjoy our respective religion’s holy days and festivals – but nobody would ever have dreamed of even suggesting that entire schools be closed down!

Yet now it seems as though the Muslim festival of Ramadan is being given the status of a national holiday!

Why on earth should non Muslim pupils lose out, and why on earth should non Muslim parents be forced to reorganise their timetables, just because it’s Ramadan…?

I’m British and Jewish. I applaud learning about other faiths and their customs – indeed, at age eleven I chose to attend a mixed faith school.

But being prevented from attending school just because members of a completely different religion are observing a festival?

This is not ‘multiculturalism’.

This is LUNACY.

3 thoughts on “Multiculturalism? Or Lunacy?

  1. “If the targets are perverse, the results often are too.” Someone said that somewhere and it stuck in my mind.
    Why is the UK Government even thinking of doing this? It makes me angry, but it also prompts to ask, “Why?”
    What is the Government’s reason for doing this? I think that making special considerations towards muslims in schools – and in society – alienates them even more. And this is where the Labour Government’s thinking is perverse. How would a young Jewish, or Sikh, or Christian, or Hindu child, feel about singling out and giving special privileges to muslims. They are going to feel alienated themselves, I feel.
    And what makes me even more angry is that the Government, in its namby-pamby and cowardly effort to curry (sic!) votes through pandering to muslims, is actually acting stupidly. Why stupidly? Because they have obviously not done in-depth research on the cult of islam. It is not a religion, it is not even a faith. It is just an abhorrent, cruel, cult of death – based on the deranged and psychotic ravings of a barbaric pedophile lunatic who lived 1400 years ago. Why should any school in England try to pander to a death cult?
    The Labour Government is perverse in the extreme to try and foist this Dhimmitude on English children.

  2. Many thanks for your comment – and well said!

    Can’t you just imagine parents’ faces when they get a letter from the school, informing them that little Johny/Jason/Joanne is going to be home for days on end, because of Ramadan…?!

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