Talking Point: Which View Do *YOU* Agree With Here…?

Here’s the thing:

I don’t get it. The media keeps banging on about how ‘honourable’ some delegates at Durban II have been, by walking out of Mad Mahmoud’s speech.

But what in G-d’s name were they doing by providing an audience for him in the first place???

Look, the second your backside meets the seat, and you agree to Mahmoud ‘The Holocaust Is A Lie – I’ll Wipe Israel Off The Map’ Ahmadinejhad, giving a speech on ‘anti racism’, you LOSE any right to the moral high ground.

Would you attend a neo Nazi rally, while assuring friends ‘Oh, but it’s fine – ’cause the minute they say anything offensive, I’ll leave!’?

No, of course you blinking well wouldn’t!

Big deal, so French and British delegates managed to muster enough metal to sidle out the door, when Mahmoud’s Israel bashing got going, in the full glare of the world’s media?  What do they want – a medal?

The only nations who can claim to have acted honourably here, are those nations that boycotted Durban II.

They, and they alone, inhabit the moral high ground here.

Your views…?

3 thoughts on “Talking Point: Which View Do *YOU* Agree With Here…?

  1. ps…has ANYTHING ELSE BEEN DISCUSSED in two days? Other than Israel? I’ve read nothing relevant in my daily papers. Perhaps they are making some real headway against racism in other parts of the world. Yeah, right.

  2. Apparently Ahmadinejad was slammed by an Arab paper for causing the world to rally around Israel–imagine that! The levels of dementia to which the UN and much of the world have sunk is truly heartbreaking.

  3. Well I see the problem as an issue of UN member representation and free speech. I understand that being a UN member, Iran and any other representative member can make speechs (even inflamatory ones) that’s the dilemma. Freedom of speech is after all freedom of speech for everyone. However,how all this Durban anti-racist mascarade started I cannot tell you. Perhaps last year’s Durban came out fresh out of the 2006 southern lebanon and israel war. which gave it a kick, but it is perhaps what we call “the tyranny of the majority”. Democracy works at time with that ackwards principle…..

    When you look at it, it does not matter why the UN allowed Iranian PM to talk, what matter the most and this is why I was so happy that some EU delegates walked out… that’s by itself is incredible…..Everybody now even those who choose to sit still on their seat, have an ikling that they should have walked out too (i.e., Britain and even Egypt…)

    But my dear friend given them some time to realize that they should have done so…. I trully believe in the domino effect… plus the operation CastLead has proven to be a positive thing from a PR point of view, it turned out to be more important for Israe than 3 years earlier in Lebanon…because people know now who is trully for peace and who is trully for war and destruction… It will take time for them to come out of the closet and affirm it to all to hear…

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