Obama Says ‘No’ To Netanyahu

So let’s get this straight:

Obama bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia, one of the most repressive regimes on earth, in which Christians are arrested for owning bibles.

And Obama addressed the vile Hugo Chavez as ‘my friend’.

But Obama has refused to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu?

This is from the Jerusalem Post:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday canceled his plans to attend the upcoming AIPAC summit, after it became clear that US President Barack Obama would not meet him during the conference.

Netanyahu announced that while he will not attend the conference in person, he will send a video-taped message to Washington.

Army Radio reported that the prime minister asked President Shimon Peres to represent Israel at the summit, scheduled to take place in Washington in the beginning of May.

According to the radio station, sources in the president’s bureau confirmed that Peres had received a request from Netanyahu and AIPAC officials to attend the summit, but noted that the president had not yet decided whether to accept the invitation.

So no meeting for the democratically elected head of the only democracy in the entire Middle East?

But bows, hugs and declarations of friendship for the dictators, despots and biggest human rights abusers on the planet?

Shame on you, Obama.

One thought on “Obama Says ‘No’ To Netanyahu

  1. I didn’t know this! Maybe Obama just couldn’t schedule it in? It doesn’t seem like he would refuse to speak to anyone.

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