The Debacle That Is Durban II

Is anyone actually surprised that Durban II is set to be even more farcical than Durban I?

At the original Durban, the Islamic nations stamped their feet, raised their voices, and shoved through a ruling that ‘zionism is racism’.

In other words, it’s fine to support the existence of some 23 Muslim nations, many of them huge and rich in oil, and all of them theocracies and serial abusers of human rights – but NOT fine to support the existence of one, tiny, democratic Jewish state.

Sound fair to you?

Added to which, Durban I involved the demonisation of Israel to an extent which could have rivalled the propaganda created by Goebbels and Hitler against Jews back in Nazi Germany.

And when the draft proposals for Durban II, The Sequel, proved little more than a load of Israel bashing, several countries showed their metal. Italy, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, and eventually, America, all announced they were boycotting Durban II.

You’ll note that Anglostan – the country formerly known as Britain – doesn’t appear on the list of nations standing up to be counted and saying a firm NO to anti semitism.

Today, as Durban II opens, Mad Mahmoud gave his ‘speech’ – and within minutes several delegates left the room in protest. Mahmoud, let’s remember, likes nothing better than a bit of Holocaust Denial, swiftly followed by more ranting and raving about the ‘evil zionists’ that, in his deranged and paranoid excuse for a brain, rule the world. Here he is, veritably foaming at the mouth:

“Racism is the great problem of the world and the front-mover of racist ideology is the Zionist regime.

Zionists have dominated the main media and monetary centres of the world to plunder nations by threats, smearing campaign and psychological war, he said.

Today the behaviour of the US officials and Europe’s parties and governments are dominated by Zionists, they have monetary and financial systems of the world and have kept nations in poverty and direct their money and fortune to their pockets.”

Mad Mahmoud made these comments as he was leaving Tehran, on his way to Durban II.

And today, as Mahmoud began his actual speech, the Guardian tells us:

Dozens of diplomats including Britain’s UN ambassador in Geneva walked out of a speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this afternoon when the Iranian president accused Israel of being “a totally racist government”.

The address at a UN conference on racism in Geneva was disrupted by protesters who heckled Ahmadinejad after he branded Israel a “cruel and oppresive racist regime”.

Television pictures showed the French seat among the many left empty. Representatives of all attending European nations also left.

All of which leaves any sane person wondering: why the hell was Mahmoud, a jumped up little Hitler Wannabe, giving a speech on ANTI RACISM in the first place???

This is a man who puts Christians in prison purely because they ARE Christians. Who denies that there are any Gay people in the whole of Iran (no doubt because he plans to behead any he can locate) and who five years ago, actually sponsored a conference entitled ‘A World Without Israel’.

Anti racism is hardly his specialist subject now, is it?

And just to insult Israel yet further, the first day of Durban II is also the Day Of Rememberance in Israel.

What poor timing. One could almost believe it was deliberate.

One slightly more positive thought does come to mind, though. Israel is determined to stop Iran completing its nuclear weapons project, and then holding the entire free world to ransom. So, if the best option was deemed the ‘removal’ of Mahmoud, well, at least Mossad know where he’ll be for the next day or two…

6 thoughts on “The Debacle That Is Durban II

  1. Oy, shiksa… you’ll be gushing nachas after watching this kitchy movie!

  2. Thanks public defender – those clips are greatly appreciated!

    And yes, you are right to point out something that is being somewhat overlooked: that some Arabs themselves are being blocked from speaking, by countries such as Libya, to give just one example! Great point.

    I’ll definitely get hold of the film ‘Hebrew Hammer’ – I’d never even heard of it! Just happened to stumble across that picture online the other day! Sounds good, though, thanks for the recommendation 🙂

    Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  3. I just wanted to say first of all, that yes I have seen Hebrew Hammer and YES IT IS AMAZING! It mocks all the Jewish stereotypes and leaves the person, no matter their religion, with splitting sides! I’d highly recommend it!

    On the note of Durban II, I thought you’d enjoy these youtube clips involving Pre-Durban panning:

    Redefining anti-semitism

    Hearings held during Yom Kippur (I don’t need to explain that one to you)

    Keeping Jewish representatives out of Durban II

    This last clip is from the actual conference, it shows a Palestinian accusing the Libyans of torturing him and 5 Bulgarian nurses. The head of the conference, a woman from Libya, continually interrupts and refuses to let him speak.

    These clips show the prejudice against Jews shown at Durban, but also against all dissenters, even Arabs themselves.

  4. Yes, kudos to those countries which have boycotted: Italy, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Australia, the Netherlands, and finally America.

    I just wish Britain had also shown sufficient integrity to boycott the farce that is Durban II.

    Having Mad Mahmoud of Iran lecturing other nations on ‘anti racism’, defies all logic.

    Many thanks for your great comments!

  5. I am so glad that the some EU countries have decided to boycott Durban II… It is quite unbelievably believable or believably unbelievable…. which ever it is great… Durban II is now regarded as an overt speudo political ritual spectacle of baphoonery and utter stupidity that no one beleives anymore….

    I always thought that this mascarade of Israel bashing will have to end unless rational european countries government were willing to be a laughing stock of their respective population. I think the whole truth about this new round of anti-israel discourse formented by the new Persian empire will be ravelled soon… I hope..

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