Calling All Brits Who Support ISRAEL:

Are you British and a supporter of Israel, the sole democracy in the middle east?

If yes – then here is a call to action!

As you probably know, Israel is being singled out for some groups who are trying to organise boycotting of her products.

And guess which British chain of retailers is helping them?

Answer: TESCO

Tesco has actually taken the extraordinary step of setting up a special customer helpline for anyone wanting to boycott Israel.

When outraged customers – both Jewish and non Jewish – complained and alerted the British newspaper the Jewish Chronicle, Tesco told the JC that it would remove the helpline. But the JC reports that when it tried phoning later, the boycott helpline was still up and running.

Tesco is not discriminating against products from, say, Iran – where Christians are imprisoned purely FOR being Christians.

Or Saudi Arabia – where rape victims get publicly flogged and imprisoned purely FOR being the victims of rape. Where Christians get arrested for owning a bible. Where women are forbidden to leave their homes unless chaperoned by a male relative.

Or China. Or Libya. Or indeed any other country – even though as most of us know, there are nations with far, far, far poorer human rights records than Israel!

What Can We Do?

Let Tesco know you don’t agree.

Please WRITE to the Tesco chief executive.

Make your voice heard.

It doesn’t have to be a long letter. Just a few lines will do – just long enough to explain that YOU will not spend YOUR hard earned cash in any establishment that discriminates against Israel.

If Tesco wants to single out the Jewish homeland and boycott her – then WE can boycott TESCO.

Israel needs our help. We must stand up for the only democracy in the entire middle east.

If you write and get a response from Tesco – please send them to me here and I will happily post them! I sent my own letter of protest today and I know many others who are doing the same.

7 thoughts on “Calling All Brits Who Support ISRAEL:

  1. Robin:

    As I’m appalled by what Tesco have done in discriminating unfairly against Israel, the last thing I would ever do is enable people to phone that number…!

  2. Great point, Steven!

    Tesco is trying to wriggle their way out of it but the damage has been done.

    I am now an EX customer of theirs!

    Many thanks for your comments 🙂

  3. I Agree with you totally, Tesco as I understand are saying, this ” Boycott helpline is just in regard to products, from the west bank.

    So why are they not operating a helpline to aide those who may wish to boycott products from other disputed territories such as Turkish Cypress or Kashmir?.

  4. Hey, just posted your info on Melanie Phillips blog, you should get a few more visitors. Me, I’m a born again Pagan, but that’s OK, everybody is entitled to their own beliefs.

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