It’s Official: Britain Has Gone Mad

British ‘justice’ is a thing of the past. If any of us doubted this, then today’s newspaper story confirms it:

The family of a man stabbed to death has been denied compensation: because the victim tried to fight off his murderers.

Kevin Johnson, 22, was killed by three teenaged thugs, after he stepped outside his own house to ask them to keep the shouting down.

The killers, aged 16, 17 and 19, invited him to ‘meet Mr Stanley’ and then plunged their Stanley knife into Johnson’s chest, arm and back.

And after they left him there to die, the three thugs later attacked a second victim.

Yet after applying for some compensation, Kevin Johnson’s family have been told that they do not meet the ‘criteria’ because he had ‘significantly contributed’ to his own death.

In fact, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has now twice rejected the case brought by Kevin Johnson’s father.

Great Britain. Not so ‘great’ anymore.


Today’s must-read article appears over at Pajamas Media, and concerns the activities of a major UK Muslim organisation. Don’t miss it!

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