Israel Bracing Herself For Yet More Palestinian Terrorism

Sunday, 5 April 2009 Israel Braces Herself For More Terrorism Israelis are bracing themselves for yet more terrorism from Palestinians. Several sources in Gaza have stated: ‘Militants will keep ambushing Israelis wherever and whenever we can.’

And at least one source has warned that the ‘main’ revenge for Operation Cast Lead is yet to come. “We have an open score with the enemy,” he said. The comment was made following two recent terror attacks in the Jordan Valley and the West Bank settlement of Bat Ayin, and two foiled attacks in Haifa and Shoket Junction, which left three Israelis and four assailants dead.

In Bat Ayin earlier this week, a 16 year old boy was murdered by a terrorist wielding an axe. The source denied that the recent wave of attacks was the militants “welcome ” for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government. He added: “We will not stop the attacks and will carry them out whenever the situation on the ground permits it. I know groups are preparing their responses and those will not be delayed long,” he said.

Operation Cast Lead was a response to eight years of Hamas terrorism, which involved hundreds of suicide bombings in civilian areas of Israel, as well as over six thousand rocket attacks on southern Israel. Commander Yoram Ohayon, head of the police’s Operations Department, has stated: “We don’t expect things to go back to the time of exploding buses, but rather a shift to simple, popular attacks – in other words, terrorists acting alone without an organized group behind them.”

As of now, the defense establishment has intelligence indicating several attacks on Israeli targets are imminent, as well as intelligence warning of dozens of possible shooting, abduction and suicide attacks and rocket fire.

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