Britain – The Joke Of Europe?

Is Britain now the joke of Europe?

It’s bad enough that throughout the 90s, London played host to every Islamic extremist group under the sun. Now, though, these Jihadists openly state their intentions and still no action gets taken.

Last week we got to watch these extremists in action in Luton. The scene: a peaceful, pleasant, homecoming parade for returning British troops. There were their families, beaming with relief no doubt that their loved ones were home and – mostly – in one piece.

And there, too, was the mob of howling Muslims, hurling abuse at the soldiers and their families, and brandishing banners decrying the very democratic tenets that allow them to protest.

Not a pretty sight.

And there, bless’em, were our British bobbies. The boys in blue. Firmly stepping in to protect these Muslim ‘protestors’.

Even when a line of Burkha-clad women began snapping pictures of the soldiers, the police just stood by and did nothing. Whoops – sorry, that’s not quite true! The police did do one thing – they detained two of the people who were there to support the troops.

Yep, that’s right. Muslims extremists can express their hatred and rage against Britain, but woe betide anyone who responds.

Worse was to follow. For it then transpired that one of the Muslim men leading the protest, worked as a baggage handler at Luton airport. I swear, you couldn’t make it up if you tried. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not the most enthusiastic flyer at the best of times. And the thought of this Jihadist having access to the baggage areas on planes does little to assuage my fears, somehow…

Britain. The nation where the inmates truly are running the asylum.

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