UK: Muslim Schools Teaching Pupils To Hate The West

As if we didn’t already know this, today’s papers are shrieking about what Muslim schools are teaching their students. A new report states that some schools are teaching pupils to hate Western values.

Civitas, a social policy think tank, examined the websites of some of Britain’s 166 schools. Many featured extremist views and teachings, while others actually had links to sites advocating Jihad.

Many of these Muslim schools forbid students from listening to Western music, playing chess or cricket, and reading, for instance, the Harry Potter novels.

The Civitas report, entitled Music, Chess and Other Sins, claims Ofsted inspectors are incapable of scrutinising Muslim faith schools properly, and demands an inquiry by MPs.

Islamic schools educate thousands of Muslim children. Most operate in the private sector although increasing numbers are seeking state funding.

The study was monitored by Dr Denis MacEoin, a university lecturer in Islamic studies.

The report claims this ‘bruising comment’ gives children a ‘negative picture of Western life’.

The website comments have since been edited and parts deleted.

Dr MacEoin said that some Muslims schools are instilling a disturbing ‘ghetto mentality’.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families said it was investigating the claims and would treat seriously any failure by state-funded schools to ‘promote community cohesion’.

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