The U.N. – Doing Sweet F.A. For Israel

The UN members must be really enjoying themselves at present. After all, we know they love nothing more than the chance to unfairly demonise Israel. This week, they are gleefully accusing Israel of ‘war crimes’.

It’s almost redundant to point out that this is absurd. Israel targetted terrorists and went to great lengths to warn before hitting buildings, so that innocents had the chance to escape. It was Hamas that had a nasty habit of shooting Palestinians in the legs to stop them escaping the Israeli assaults.

And where, you might wonder, are the UN condemnations of Hamas terrorism…?

Here is a great piece from

“Here is a list of war crimes and grave violations of humanitarian law that are not only well known but many of which Hamas openly admits to and brags about:

* Deliberately targeting civilians
* Attacking from within civilian areas and civilian structures, including hospitals and mosques
* Using humanitarian symbols for attacks, such as by transporting terrorists in ambulances
* Direct and public incitement to genocide
* The systematic attacks against civilians upgrades that war crime into a crime against humanity
* The recruitment of children into the conflict
* Firing at the enemy while wearing civilian clothes
* Wearing the uniforms of the enemy
* Shooting rockets with phosphorus payloads deliberately at civilians
* Not adhering to international standards on the treatment of prisoners of war
* Immediate execution of alleged “collaborators” without a trial
* Deliberately placing military targets, such as weapons caches and rocket launchers, among civilians

The worst I could find that the UN has said about Hamas was that rocket attacks against civilian targets are “unlawful.” Usually the word “Hamas” is barely mentioned in these statements. No, the rocket attacks against civilians are “unlawful,” sort of like jaywalking, and they happen by themselves being mentioned in a passive voice.

When will we be seeing the UN accusing Hamas of the obvious war crimes they have committed? When will we see UN officials call numerous press conferences that accuse Palestinian Arab groups of war crimes without mentioning Israel? When will we see committees set up for the purpose of investigating exposing Arab terror alone?

Only when the UN does so can we possibly entertain the idea that the UN is an honest, evenhanded organization that is truly concerned with violations of war crimes. Not by them mentioning as an aside that Hamas also does some not-so-nice things which do not justify Israel’s actions, but when they focus on the many Arab terrorist war crimes exclusively as they have focused on Israel.

As it is, the UN in this context is simply a hate organization with a single-minded goal on vilifying the Jewish state alone.”

Well said!

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