Islam: Not Like Other Faiths

All faiths have their share of fruitcakes.

Christianity had the Crusaders. Judaism has produced a few raving Rabbis. And Scientology has…….well, Tom Cruise…

Then there’s Islam. A faith that actually orders its followers to set up Sharia law and Islamic rule in non Islamic states. A faith that tells its members that hey, it’s fine to lie to non Muslims; it doesn’t count! A faith that exhorts its acolytes to kill ‘infidels’ and that to die in service to Allah is a good thing, a noble thing.

No. Islam is inherently different to other faiths.

And if more of us don’t wake up to this reality pretty soon, we may learn more about life as a dhimmi than we bargained for.

For across the globe, the voice of the infidel – the non Muslim – is growing weaker.

Take Britain. Ten years ago, the Brits laughed when Iran issued a fatwah on author Salman Rushdie.

Then in 2006, the row exploded over the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed. At first, the Brits chuckled. Oh, those mad Muslims! Getting all upset over a drawing! The Brits rolled their eyes and cracked jokes about it.


They soon stopped smiling when 10,000 Muslims took to the streets, going beserk at the mere idea of the cartoons being published:


The Brits hadn’t anticipated such rage:



So the British media gave in to this mass temper tantrum on the part of the Muslim community – and didn’t run the Mohammed cartoons.

And it’s been a case of placating British Muslims ever since. Now, in 2009, there are parts of the country labelled as ‘ no go’ for non Muslims. And in other towns, the Islamic calls to prayer can be heard echoing through the streets, five times daily from local Mosques.

Even police dogs must now wear little booties if entering a Mosque or home of a devout Muslim, as bare footed dogs have ‘offended’ some in the Islamic community.

Across Europe, it’s the same story. And woe betide any non Muslims who dare to speak out – they are instantly branded as ‘islamophobic’. In several countries, Islamists have issued death threats against infidels who have dared to challenge the religion. Some of those threats were carried out.

Of course, there are also many moderate Muslims who are unhappy about what radical Islamic groups are getting up to. But they need to shout so much more loudly for us to hear them above the racket coming from the extremists.

Meanwhile, we, the infidels, must speak up.

Let’s face it, if we don’t, nobody else is going to!

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