Gaza Gate – The BBC Under Fire

The recent row involving the BBC would be funny if it wasn’t so bizarre.It’s an established fact that when it comes to reporting on Israel, the BBC operates as little more than a mouthpiece for the Palestinians. In fact, the station has received so many complaints that a few years back, it commissioned its very own report into this bias. The Balen Report.

So what did the report conclude? We’ll never know – the BBC have consistently refused to make the findings public! They’ve even been taken to court, but still refused to share the report’s conclusions with a soul outside of the BBC executive committee.

Recently, as Israel’s Operation Cast Lead got underway in Gaza, the BBC as usual went to great lengths to excuse, justify and in general dismiss the eight years of Hamas terrorism that Israel has endured. Jeremy ‘Sheik’ Bowen’s vitriolic diatribes against Israel have continued, and numerous Jews and non Jews alike have complained.

And then, out of the blue, came GazaGate. I refer, of course, to the Gaza charity appeal that almost every other TV station ran at the start of January. Bizarrely, though, the BBC refused…

BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons voiced concern that comments made by politicians are coming close to “undue interference” in the BBC’s ‘editorial independence’.

(I’ll be right back. Just have to pick myself up off the floor after screeching with mirth at that last sentence)

The fall out from the BBC refusal has been incredible. Within twenty-four hours of the BBC refusal, tens of thousands of Brits were already marching through the streets of London, politicians were appearing on TV and radio slamming the BBC, and an early day motion was being tabled in parliament!

And who did the public and politicians then blame?

Got it in one. Israel.

Appallingly, Labour Health Minister Ben Bradshaw publicly accused Israel of ‘bullying’ the BBC over the Gaza appeal. To anyone with a functioning brain, this was just a variant on the age-old, anti semitic trope of ‘jews run the media’. The fact that a Labour minister felt comfortable saying it publicly should serve as a wake-up call to Britain’s Jewish community.

And oh, the hypocrisy! For there is only one government that’s been bullying the BBC – the British government.

Then Labour Justice Minister Shahid Malik, who was Britain’s first Muslim minister, said: “Sadly, across the globe the BBC’s decision will be viewed as one which inflicts still further misery on the beleaguered and suffering people of Gaza.”

So let’s clarify, shall we…? The Palestinians elect Hamas, knowing it is a terrorist group that aims to kill all Jews in the entire region. Hamas then spends several years terrorising Israeli and murdering Israeli civilians by way of suicide bombings and missile attacks. Finally Israel retaliates.

And now the BBC is to blame for what the Palestinians are suffering??? Seems that Britain is determined to blame everyone and everything but the Palestinians themselves.

It’s also worth noting that when Israelis were being killed by Hamas, and Israeli schools and hospitals and towns were being destroyed, the world didn’t give a damn – let alone run public appeals for aid.

Within days of the BBC refusal, Sky also declared they would not be running the appeal. Somehow this did not cause the same furore as the BBC decision.

Meanwhile, Ben Bradshaw has not apologise for his shameful remark. Do feel free to email him or write to him at the House Of Commons to register your disgust with his words.

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