Anglostan – Britain And Its Slide Towards Sharia Law

Has Britain lost its backbone?

The question must be asked, now that the gutless government has banned Geert Wilders from entering the country.

It was bad enough in 2006, when no newspaper ran the Danish cartoons. No doubt the fear of Allah got into editors, as thousands of Muslims marched the streets, baying for the blood of anyone who ‘insulted’ Islam.

Their message was loud. It was clear. And it worked. The British government turned and buried its head in the sand – where it has remained lodged ever since.

The result? A Muslim community that has slowly, steadily increased in power and influence.

Consider that last week, a group of peers in the House Of Lords were looking forward to a special screening of the film Fitna – and a meeting with Wilders, Dutch politician and creator of the film. Fitna, you will recall, is critical of Islam.

But when word got out that Wilder was visiting, several Muslim groups took umbrage. And so they went to visit their good friend and Muslim peer, Lord Ahmed. A sort of superhero for Muslims, if you like.

Lord Ahmed sprang into action. He warned the Lords that if they let Geert Wilders into the building, he would mobilise ten thousand Muslims who would descend on parliament to ‘express’ their rage. He also threatened the peer who had organised the Fitna screening, with court.

Well, faster than you could say Allahu Akbar the screening was cancelled, and Geert Wilders was ‘disinvited’. Score another victory for Britain’s Muslim community.

Lord Ahmed openly boasted. The Associated Press Of Pakistan describes him rejoicing in ‘a victory for the Muslim community’.

After all, who needs a trivial thing like free speech…..?

Not the House Of Lords and not Britain, apparently. For today it transpired that Britain has actually banned Geert Wilders from entering the country. After all, we can’t have any of the Muslim community getting upset now, can we? Never mind that Britain extends open arms to Islamic preachers who then spend their days preaching the Joys Of Jihad in mosques across the land.

When Channel 4 went undercover into some of these mosques, and exposed these vitriol-filled speeches in 2008, it was clear that Islam, as taught by numerous clerics and imams, was anything but ‘peaceful’.

And what did the British police do?

They wanted to charge the television station that made the programme.
And hot on the heels of this pitiful stance by the Brits, came yet another instance of the power of UK Muslims. Enter Middlesex Cricket group, The Crusaders.

Can you guess what’s coming next? Yep. A number of Muslims complained that the name of the cricket team was ‘offensive’. Never mind that the team had used said name for ten years!

If any other religious group had displayed such pettiness, they’d have been laughed out of town. But not when it’s Muslims that are unhappy. Suddenly the name The Crusaders was deemed ‘unsuitable’ and the bemused cricketers found themselves having to come up with a new one.

These are just two examples of the way that Britain is missing the bigger picture. The openly stated aim of Islam is to transform the entire globe into one big Caliphate. Only when the entire planet is Muslim, will the world know ‘peace’.

Thus in any nation where Muslims exist as a minority, their task is to usher Sharia law in by the back door, via an endless series of concessions which they demand – coupled with the threat of a mass temper tantrum if these demands are ignored.

And when you consider that in the UK the Muslim population is growing ten times faster than the rest of society, it doesn’t take a huge leap in logic to envisage the UK in a decade or two.

At the same time, there has developed a deep and worrying anti Jewish sentiment. The number of physical assaults against British Jews is also at an all time high, with religious Jews being attacked in public on several occasions.

During Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, protest rallies took place across Britain, in almost all major cities. In London, several turned violent, and on youtube are clips of British police turning tail and sprinting away from pro Palestine supporters who are taunting and hurling things at them.

Many of these rallies were not protests but rather thinly veiled demands for Israel to ‘die’. And as these ‘protest’ groups rampaged through London, and Birmingham, and Manchester, etc, they each repeated the same slogan: ‘We’re All Hamas Now’.

It’s a strange sight, believe me, to watch hordes of normally placid and restrained Brits screeching allegiance to an Islamic terrorist group. After all, it was a mere four years ago when London itself was attacked by terrorists.

So what gives? Why on earth are Brits alligning themselves with Islamic terrorists?

After the London bombings in 2005, the British media encouraged the idea that Islamic terrorism didn’t really have much to do with Islam. No. The religion had been hijacked.

The BBC even banned the word ‘terrorist’ – for fear of causing offence. Not once was there any public debate about how Islam itself not only justifies but encourages terrorism.

Not only did the British media ignore the threat from Islam, but the message was reinforced right from the top, from a government that is either too stupid or just too cowardly to confront the real threat posed by Islam and its efforts to introduce Sharia law.

The very second that Muslims started protesting about the Danish cartoons, the government should have encouraged the media to run the drawings. For then, the right message would have gone out to UK Muslims: we respect your right to practise Islam, and you are going to respect our right to free speech.

Instead, the British government was far too busy – fashioning a rod for its own back. And it’s been downhill all the way ever since.

The number of things British Muslims protest about is risible – at least it would be, if their demands weren’t being met. Some devout Muslims didn’t want police dogs searching homes and mosques, as their feet were bare. Solution? Any police dogs now have to wear little booties. I kid you not.

Last year there were plans to make hospital nurses move the beds of Muslim patients five times a day, so they could pray facing Mecca. On this one occasion, the public outcry was swift and vocal enough for the idea to be scrapped. For now.

But the list goes on. Britain is scared silly of Muslim anger.

Meanwhile, many Brits are now so fed up that some are tempted to vote for the BNP, the British National Party. But the BNP is nothing more than a group of racist thugs who happen to be articulate enough to plug into British anger over mass immigration to the UK. Many people fear that only a group like the BNP will stand up to the Muslim community.

This is a dangerous time. The BNP policy towards anyone deemed not sufficiently ‘British’ (translation: white) is ‘repatriation’. In other words: all Muslms, Jews, Asians, and Blacks would be kicked out of the country should the BNP ever get into power.

Yesterday, the media reported that a headteacher had been forced to resign after trying to stop separate Muslim assemblies, and instead create a multi-faith assembly for all pupils. Muslim parents were livid and kicked up such a fuss that the woman was demoted. And when she finally returned to her post as headteacher, the parents complained again. Finally the atmosphere grew so untenable that the woman resigned.

And anyone who dares to state facts about Islam, is branded an ‘Islamophobic’. This shuts down any real debate and means that while other faiths are fair game, nobody dares voice unease over Islam.

To be fair, there are of course moderate Muslims and indeed ex Muslims who are speaking out, and they are to be commended. Trouble is, they just don’t shout loudly enough.

And finally, oh, the irony. For as most of Europe condemned Israel and eagerly ignored the eight years of Hamas terrorism endured by Israelis, what were Israelis busy doing, in Europe? Preventing a Hezbollah attack.

So, in ten years time – Britain, or Anglostan…?
Watch This Space

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