Since When Do ‘innocent aid workers’ STAB people?

Let’s be crystal clear on this: what happened was not a conflict between ‘innocent aid workers’ and Israeli soldiers. It was between armed, violent, gagging-to-fight Hamas supporters and the Israeli army.

Here, posted by the always vigilant Elder Of Ziyon, is footage of one of these ‘aid workers’ STABBING an Israeli:

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  1. Jew With A View

    SARI – yes, you can post the link to the pages on all the social media sites :)

    You can also copy and paste the ‘embed’ code BELOW these youtube clips onto blogs and other sites.

    We need to get these out there for the world to see – because the media sure as hell aren’t going to!

  2. A lot of the peace activists are now confirmed Jihadis

  3. Sari Friedman

    Is there a way to post this footage on Facebook and other social networking sites?

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